Watch Grant Cardone pick the big winner of the Water Pitch Contest and give $1000 away. The top 5 finalists were David Brier, Mike Davenport, Elise Kephart, Glenn Woodruff, and Ryan O’Donnell. Thanks to everyone who participated! A good pitch will get you far in life, so keep working on it and keep perfecting it because the better your pitch, the more you’ll sell, the more money you will make, and the more freedom you’ll have.

  • AntonHilton

    Well done little man you did awesome! Well deserved dude 😀

  • I was a little disappointed that Frank Kern didn’t put $500 (or more) for a second place winner!

  • lack of excitement lost it for Glenn W. He had a fantastic Pitch…

  • Great to see the legend Mr. Kern in the house.

  • AlvinTims