• Brock Goss

    Good job. Here is my video. Please watch and provide comments. I also
    voted for you so I would much appreciate a vote from you if you like my
    pitch. Thanks very much. Be Great.

  • wlfaber13

    I watched all of the videos. This is by far the best pitch. Money and memories!

  • WilliamGlennWoodruffJr

    wlfaber13 Thanks for the kind words!

  • WilliamGlennWoodruffJr


    GrantCardone Let’s do this!!

  • Justin

    This is by far the best video on this page!

  • GregoryD

    Great Video, By for the best

  • GregoryD

    I meant to say, by FAR the best!!!! Also another comment for this awesome video Wooooooooo