• Petra897

    You didn’t sell the water. Where’s the pitch for the water? What you did was a business proposal to Grant, that was not the task

  • GrantCardone
  • Clara Piedalue

    What! My jaw dropped about an acre.  Lethbridge just got a whole lot cooler. Thanks, Mr. GrantCardone Cardone!

  • Clara Piedalue

    Petra897 You are absolutely right.  I went into what I know.  I am up for the challenge of pitching one simple glass of water. Stay tuned.  Thanks for some straight talk!

  • Ryan ODonnell

    Love it! I can get you TEN MORE votes! All you need to do is vote for mine once and post the link to it on your social media pages https://grantcardonetv.com/video/perfect-pitch/ryan-odonnell/ 🙂 hurry because I’m only offering this for 2 more days. Make sure to comment on my video to let me know you did