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    Elec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross

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  • 1MartinMatthews

    Hahaha… loved that one. Comical and yet makes the point. I’ve seen a few and this is the first one I’ve commented on. Good job.

  • Brock Goss Hello Sir. The use of your visuals and speeding up the video to emphasize certain points is phenomenal. The beginning really grabbed my attention with a smile. Awesome. Although I’m not sure if you should’ve said do i have your attention now. I like how you used blurred “curse” words I found that humorous. Except at the end I don’t think saying don’t be a bitch will make someone buy it, because that’s inferring they are a bitch if they don’t. Which could hurt the feelings of the weak.. Your mannerisms were great. The whole closer situation confused me at first. If you are saying to not drink coffee because thats what closers drink, why would you sell me water to be a closer. I want to make the pile not clean it up if anything. Either way what do I know. You have the most votes for a reason! “2nd Place, Steak knives!” Great job

  • Brock Goss Well not the most I just saw someone has almost two thousand. 198 is a lot more then me