• Ryan ODonnell

    Love it! I can get you TEN MORE votes! All you need to do is vote for mine once and post the link to it on your social media pages https://grantcardonetv.com/video/perfect-pitch/ryan-odonnell/  🙂 hurry because I’m only offering this for 2 more days. Make sure to comment on my video to let me know you did so.

  • rainingmoneycom

    why only 13 votes? …love the point of “water delivery to your desk as a service”… because every time you leave your desk for a glass of water or restroom break… you lose time that you could be on the phone… plus, a lot of people trust an accent like that and would buy from you simply because they like the way you sound… best wishes for the $1,000…

  • TonyElKhoury

    This should have more votes!!!