Grant Cardone interviews Network Marketing Mogul Matt Morris— eight-time bestselling author, including his #1 bestseller, The Unemployed Millionaire: Escape the Rat Race, Fire Your Boss and Live Life on YOUR Terms! Matt is a serial entrepreneur and has generated over $100 million through his own brands and through leading sales organizations for other companies.

Most millionaires didn’t get to be millionaires by having a “job” but you don’t become a millionaire without working hard. Unemployed means you are self-employed. Always seek to grow yourself and program yourself to say positive things about yourself. People will respect you to the degree you respect yourself. With over his 20 years in the network marketing industry, Matt Morris has built sales teams of over 500,000 people through a massive commitment to personal development and disciplined work ethic. Matt believes creating wealth is as simple as providing value in the lives of others. “It’s not the money that creates significance. It’s the person you have to become in order to be a millionaire that matters”.

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    GrantCardone GrantCardoneTV and thank you to great story, great show and I know this -that only in the company I am with is 3.2 million Distributors and only 27% are creating business and the rest are just lovers of the product and enjoy buying at the wholesale price! so, what it leaves us with -I tell you, is the Solution because i have my disagreements and so the others who is on the making millions and definitely is would great idea to start to put my logo(i will sent it to you via ScubaSteveSpray ) between those great big names and my logo can be shine! I am looking forward for timdsales bringing light to the world, I know he will! Because at the end of the day it is all about Leverage 😉 Love you doing it, Grant! Thank you………but the way, I don’t do “warm ups” conversations too and thats might be hard here in Uk but I would Mastering Cold Calls 😉 a! Just bought whole , again 😉 I have no idea how on earth anyone can be without?! Thank you ScubaSteveSpray and I put on my goal to be interviewed by Grant, ha

  • Carlos_PalmaMX

    Powerful insight!