In this edition of Network Marketing Moguls Grant Cardone interviews Ray Higdon, who first got in network marketing back in 2006 and now coaches people in the business. Through massive prospecting he hit 50K a month in network marketing taking the mantra of “Go for no”. It’s the idea that you should make it a rule to get 20 people to say no to you before you can hit the pillow each night. It’s a numbers game so don’t get emotional over rejection. The number of eye balls you get on the product will dictate the velocity you will do. NWM is a shortcut to creating residual income that is better than any other method but that it doesn’t mean it will happen overnight or even quickly. You can create residual income with very limited resources over time

Ray invested $300 and had that initial investment back after the first week, but common mistakes people make are not treating it as a long-term process. Ray was able to build it to 50K a month through hard work. He says to others that he can show them how to become successful, but he can’t show them how to want to be successful. You’ve got to want it and
spend more time prospecting than studying.

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  • S2Prana

    Can never get enough of this! So true with what you said, some people just don’t want to succeed.

    SC: S_Prana
    IG: S2Prana

  • Great2bme

    Mr. Grant, great to see Network marketers being interview by you and show the real deal about the industry!

  • OctavioOchoa

    What a great interview.  Thanks Mr. Cardone for bringing education about Network Marketing to your audience and even far. NWM is the best way to start as entrepeneurs for regular people who have a big desire to succeed in business,  as you said , being around like minded people and the unique education NMW profession gives is the greatest benefit of starting in the profession.
    Look forward to continue learning from you and Mr. Higdon, who is one of the best mentors. Thanks a lot !

  • adrianosucesso

    Ray is the Man !!
    Thanks for great value video :<)

  • MKDC11

    Thanks Grant for having Ray Higdon on your show.

  • LarryHaywood

    Thanks Grant! Was great to see Ray on here. Lots of good tips. I’ll be sharing this…

  • RealRyanRinaldo

    (This is a reacton on the comment Grant gave in the video starting around 20 min and 30 sec) Well Grant not everyone is as clear what they want in life or has the experience to know or recognize a scam. As soon you know yourself, getting your shizzle together (as you always say in #WiT) and your able and knowing how to guide yourself you will have an advantage in this world in general. So I agree with Ray Higdon on the fact that: Most people are turned of by the marketers instead of the network marketing industry itself.

  • Holly

    So much great information!  Favorite quote:  # of eyeballs dictates outcome!


    rayhigdon !!!say less to a lot of people!!! wow! perfect! GrantCardone GrantCardoneTV Grant_Cardone beautifully done! Q&A’s wow, perfect! thank you.


    …the number of eyeballs (hahahahaha ;)) get on the presentation will dictate the velocity of the business’ and GrantCardone teach the stats!!!! of course its a ‘number game’ rayhigdon brilliant!

  • DonteSatchel

    Grant.. Thank you for putting a positive light on the Network Marketing field.  I love everything you do!!! You are the best…

  • DanCollins1

    GC you hit a home run with this interview…PHENOMENAL show…thanks 🙂