On this edition of Network Marketing Moguls, Grant Cardone talks with Cedrick Harris, CEO and Founder at Team Takeover Marketing and internet marketing coach, networker, author, and speaker.

Cedrick Harris earns over a million dollars a year and has been involved with companies such as ViSalus, Excel, and Jeunesse. He’s been involved in network marketing now for 23 years because he saw opportunity in this field.

Cedrick talks about the best things in being involved with network marketing include the relationship equity he’s built and the personal development that comes with who you become along the way. His biggest regrets include not going harder and faster from the get-go.

He knows it takes time to build residual income and one must be patient and not have a microwave mentality. Give things at least 12-18 months. Be the tortoise and the hare—persistently running fast. 80% of people want to make $10k a month, and when people start making 10K, they put it in cruise control. Then in 90 it starts dropping off because what you do today will effect you in 90 days. Always keep pushing!

Cedrick says that you don’t join a company, you join people. You must find the right people to work with and believe in the product. Do something every day and understand compounding. Attend events and have daily discipline. Cedrick Harris is always sharpening his knife, are you?

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  • ChiwuzieSunday

    I agree, MLM gets a bad rep, and even though I believe a big part of it has to do with quitters whining and complaining, A MAJOR part of it has to do with the sales strategy that is used in MLM recruiting meetings. 

    Most of the time, these recruiters will in fact sell “the opportunity” like it’s something that can happen overnight, without doing any work. And for me, anything that doesn’t require any work (and isn’t a computer program) is a red flag. So you can’t blame people for wanting to quit when things don’t turn out like they were sold. At the same time, I can understand that if you told people how much “work” was involved in actually becoming successful at network marketing, you wouldn’t sign up that many people.

    Also, another thing I would say give network marketing a bad rep is The NUMBERS Don’t Add Up. Someone tells me, the company is doing [this] much in sales, has [that] many reps, all making [THIS] much; and they make it seem like EVERYONE is making a killing doing it, but when you do the math you see a different story…

  • I love our team and Jeunesse Global…Cedrick is a great leader and coach…

  • thisisbrandonw

    Uncle G! Thank you so much for this show. I’m reignited and re-excited to be part of network marketing.

  • Hilroy

    Great interview! Makeup probably isn’t your thing, but Amber Voight is a huge MLM earner with Younique and does network marketing training.  She might be an interesting person to interview.  Her website is http://www.themlmqueen.com if you wanna check her out.

  • Paul Orberson was the best mentor I have had the pleasure know in his former company FHTM! Great platform Grant!

  • David Moses, Chris Estes, Kevin Mullens and Joel McNinch at Zija International!

  • MackeddyFils

    Wow! Grant just sold him on a product! That is just golden.

  • Kangenteamgpm

    I completely agree with ChiwuziesSundays comment below me, people need to start taking MLM more seriously and as a actual SALES job. I personally do Door to Door sales with Enagic’s Kangen Water Ionizers, but I see so many people just floppy fishing their way through this industry; You need the skills set to sell! No matter what industry you are in! 


    Hit me up btw for more info on Kangen 😉 Grant doesn’t drink it for no reason!


  • Kangenteamgpm

    Daniel Dimacale and Eli Dafesh are two of Enagic’s biggest hitters Grant! Hit them up and see if you can get a show with them!
    I’ve attached Eli’s contact info, however I can’t seem to scoop up too much information on Daniels contact info! I trust you can work some magic however ;).
    Take care,

  • BillPayso

    Randy Gage for the next show of Network Marketing Moguls! He lives in Miami BTW.

  • You must reach out to Ray Higdon http://www.rayhigdon.com He’s in Florida too.

  • SimonR

    BillPayso yes please !

  • SimonR

    +1 For David Moses, Randy Gage and  Ray Higdon ……..also cant wait to see eric worree !

  • RealRyanRinaldo

    I listen to people who make the best sense to me…. I think it can be quite confusing to listen to 50 other people LOL! Great interview…. #BestNote : Name of the game, what you don’t use you loose!


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  • You need to have Patrick and Alysse Sedivy on your show!   These two make several million dollars per year as  double presidential diamonds in doTerra.  These two cause doTerra to create a new rank almost every year.

  • joselnunez11

    wow love this show i actually met him about 4 years ago his advice to me was go and don’t take the rejections personal,, greatest advice i ever heard