Grant Cardone interviews Carrie Dickie on Network Marketing Moguls about becoming a 1%er. Everybody’s target is to make a millie, but most don’t treat their business like a multi-million dollar business. It’s about belief, you must believe you can become a million dollar earner. Single moms can do it. People overestimate what can happen in 1 or 2 years but underestimate what can happen in 3-5 years.

Carrie didn’t think she was a leader and didn’t have a high sense of self but she faked it until she made it. Carrie worked hard, dug deep, and became somebody in her own mind. She didn’t just add—she multiplied. Your business can never be bigger than you are. That starts with personal development. Check out carries new book—Network Marketing: The View from Venus.

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  • BrandonLowther2

    GrantCardone great content.

  • I got the book! Great interview Grant and Carrie!!

  • KristineMcCann

    The book is simply amazing, used passages out of it already today for a training with my team.  Carrie is the real deal, I am a person that is climbing the ladder that she is putting down for others to climb up.  Her generosity of spirit is beautiful, she radiates the Venus energy.  Thought the interview was so authentic, great dialogue between Grant and Carrie, so fun to listen to.  In gratitude…