In this edition of Network Marketing Moguls Grant Cardone talks with Brian Carruthers who is the author of 3 books: Building an Empire, Making My First 10 million, and Money Mindset. Prior to becoming the pace-setter for the 400K associates in his network marketing business, Brian enjoyed a successful career in real estate.

Brian says that nobody who lives in the White House can make your economy. Network marketing is a turn-key, proven system to get a side income going. Your job will never get you where you want to be financially. Don’t quit your job and start from scratch—but get involved in a company where you believe in the product that is unique and that you yourself would buy.

How do you pick a company? There are a lot of good companies out there. Don’t go chasing two rabbits, or you’ll get neither. Pick one company and excel with it. And don’t go into network marketing with a lottery mentality. You still have to do the hard work. Most of all, Brian says that once in you need to stay with it.

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  • What a great show! It was even a greater surprise to see one of my personal mentors on the show today… LegalShield is changing the way people access their rights. I have it, I sell it, and I can’t imagine being without it in a much needed situation! It’s better to own it and not use it, than to be stuck in a situation without it and wish you had it! Thanks for a great show G! Looking forward to seeing all the other players in the industry!

  • New Life

    This is another great show you have building here!!! Man I love everything you do for everyone. I had great parents that raised me, but I was never taught about money, or how to invest. So for me all the different shows, books and I have the University, it is my new start and the new Me!! That being said, I have a lot of work and catching up to do!! I wish I could have started this when I was a kid or teenager, and I would have been in a better spot than now!! But I will make it from here and I already have my kids listening and checking different things out. Thanks again for your whole Network, and you have the same motto!! HOPE Helping Other People Everyday!!!

  • MaynorNoguera

    WOW! Awesome show Grant Cardone/ Uncle GC!!! I have been waiting for a show like this. I am part of a network marketing company and I have always appreciated the fact that you acknowledge this industry for what it is and what it stands for. I heard you say that you are looking for people to get on the show. I know just the guy. His name is Max Knowles. One of the BEST speakers and leaders in our company and in our industry. You guys both have that FIRE in you and I know if you 2 link up you will shut the place DOOWN! Thanks again for everything that you do. Maybe one day we will cross paths on the sunny beaches of Miami aka my hometown. Take Care and stay Great!

  • GabrielBiondoCury

    Is it still possible to have this book offered and signed by you ?

    God bless you!

  • MohamedFayaz

    This is great! I’ve just started following you recently and I’am a part of Network Marketing Company. I learnt a lot from you GC. Practically following you. You starting a show about Network Marketing, unbelievable! Looking forward to it! and thanks for giving us great shows like this, especially this one!

  • jeromeneale

    Network Marketing show was a blast to watch, you asked the right questions and the answers so sincerely given.

  • Kangenteamgpm

    Daniel Dimacale and Eli Dafesh are two of Enagic’s biggest hitters Grant! Hit them up and see if you can get a show with them!
    I’ve attached Eli’s contact info, however I can’t seem to scoop up too much information on Daniels contact info! I trust you can work some magic however ;).
    Take care,

  • TryingToHelp

    I’m not one to critique and I love what you’re trying to accomplish here BUT maybe you could chill on the interrupts to your guest like 100 times and actually let him finish what he’s saying… People want to hear the answers to the questions ..the show is about the wisdom from your guest I’m assuming. I’m sure ur a successful business person because u listen to your consumers and make improvements…
    Anyone else notice that?


    ..use it as a reason to do it OR as an excuse not to… wow! CarruthersB `i love that! Thank you, love and use to change my business 😉 GrantCardone Thank you for your questions to get such a great outcome 😉

  • MichaelNixon1

    @TryingToHelp I completely agree! I understand the need for advertising, but do it all in the beginning for at the end. If this is for eduction, then let it serve that purpose.

  • CoachKorey3

    Love it!  Great tips in here.