Doug Woods is a 37-year-old entrepreneur who closed up his furniture store and got into network marketing with Take Shape For Life. At one point Doug was 260 lbs., stressed, and his health was just out of balance. After reaching out to a buddy he was able to do the Take Shape For Life health program and lost a staggering 65 lbs. on the program. In addition, his wife of 16 years lost lbs. on the same program. He was hooked and became a distributor in 2011, coaching thousands of people over the last 5 years how to not only get physically healthy, but financially healthy. He grew from 65 distributors and $85,000 of volume a month at the end of 2011 to 375 distributors doing $650,000 a month at the end of 2013. In 2014 he was turned onto Grant Cardone and everything changed after reading the 10X Rule and watching Grant on YouTube, Doug went from 540 distributers at the end of 2014 to a whopping 1,800 distributors at the end of last year, doing 22 million dollars in sales. He’s on pace now for 2016 to do $43 million.

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  • BoroLakaz

    Does anyone know what’s the company that Doug represents?

  • JoshMaskill

    Its total body challenges. Please connect with me on

  • Dan V

    This is great stuff!!! Love this guy!

  • Chris W

    “Daily Commitment to be Consistent” Love it!!! Awesome stuff!

  • ShaneMBishop

    Got to love when Doug goes unplugged! This is great!

  • ShaneMBishop

    BoroLakaz did you find what you were looking for?

  • BoroLakaz

    ShaneMBishop nope 🙂

  • BoroLakaz

    ShaneMBishop BoroLakaz

  • ShaneMBishop
  • BoroLakaz

    ShaneMBishop thanks dude 🙂

  • MikeMorenz

    Doug MUST be practicing his quote about staying consistent each day. This is awesome. I’m FIRED UP!

  • EricHunsberger

    After watching this show… I knew I would love to hear Grant & Doug on more shows together. I follow them both and see how they go unplugged and real. Its amazing. This is a true story of a very successful person Doug Wood in business, life & marriage. Thanks Grant for featuring this on your show. You pick the best! Doug not only is successful, but has a team of successful people that he mentors and assists to become the best in life & business.


    Thank you for the laser focus 😉 GrantCardone GrantCardoneTV what about my friend timdsales as your next Network Marketing MOGUL 😉 and he’s sure know what is MLM for sure! I have more friends even much more younger then you already have on your show and it didn’t get them to 1M + longer 😉 you sure are looking in right direction!

  • Tim sales or spencer Hunn from ACN he makes obscene money as a young guy at the top of the company

  • drewflow1

    great content , im actually going to look into his company, its seems like something i could defintely get behind me myself being a health care professional. thanks doug and grant for the information weekly and motivation