Today Grant is talking about something that is costing you money every single day.

• 27% of ALL leads never get contacted

If you could take that number from 27% to 2%, would you?

Listen to Grant Cardone give you top sales techniques to skyrocket your business.

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Is your business in the shape it needs to be? Grant Cardone, sales expert, will call you and show you what you’re doing wrong in order to get your business off the ground.

  • Jarrod, please don’t get too vulgar …. that last comment was over done!

  • pauledwil

    Ha! classic!!!!

  • Alberto Guerrero

    Love the shows. Grant is the real deal. You are quite an inspiration. You walk the walk and talk the talk. Thanks for all you do. 

    I would agree with Delia that you have to mind your manners Jarrod. It does detract from the 10X Hustler persona (beingness) the shows have. Anyway, Grant called him on it right away Delia and so it’s another lesson learned.

    You have to keep it fun and professional regardless how informal the format may be. You guys do a great job. Thank you.

  • Delia De Jesus I thought it was funny Delia. You know what to expect from these guys by now. It’s probably [secretly] why you watch! 🙂

  • steve

    Only in America can you get away with half of Grants stuff. Canadians would be shamed