I want to talk to you today about the Gate Keeper. You guys that are hating on the GateKeeper are hurting yourself. You are not hurting the Gatekeeper you are hurting yourself. First off, the GateKeeper does not just influence the decision maker, they give you the right to see the decision maker, the Gatekeeper also can be the decision maker. You need to treat that person like royalty you need to love them care for them, influence them, get them to love you, flow you back power and you have to figure out some reasons why they should allow you, not everyone to influence the decision maker. Look in every large company there are going to be anywhere from 5-6 decision makers or influencers, I definitely have influencers around me. How you go to the gatekeeper will turn that person on or off. The moment you turn off the gatekeeper you turn off the decision maker. Check out grantcardone.com/millions that gives you some tips about the Gate Keeper. Love the Gatekeeper, treat them like loyalty they are many times the decision maker.

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  • This was SUPER MAN, Never thought of that Grant TY!

  • icelebrity

    tfree181 Never thought to be nice to the gate keeper or person who answers the phone?

  • Tan Da Man

    Love it, love it, Grant your explanation of the Gate Keeper is superlative. This short video is awesome .
    It’s clear, efficient, effective and it will make a great impact on everyone’s success upon meeting the Gate Keeper.

  • CurvyGoddess

    Very very true. I was the GateKeeper in my 20s at a company. And sometimes I wasn’t treated with respect and that wasn’t good for the person who wanted in. You need to know how to play the game Man! Didn’t your Momma teach you anything?