Hey burnout how many of you are saying to yourself burnout, “how do I handle burnout Grant?” Look you are not a candle how the hell can you burnout if you are not a candle? People say Grant you burn at both ends, I am not a candle. I am on purpose, I know what I am doing I know where I am going, I know what I am excited about. The fact is if you wake up in the morning and you are lost and confused, you cannot find your mojo or motivation do not blame it on burnout. The last thing that will ever happen to you is burnout, you are not a candlestick. You are spiritual being capable of doing unbelievable things, so stop using the old saying “Im afraid Im burnout”. Look, your life is like a 32 gallon container of gas use it all do not save gas, burn it up and then refuel, but knowing where you are going what is your destination and your purpose. Burnout is Bullshit.

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  • AlanThe10XKing

    Great episode, Grant!

  • Ok, agreed. Burn out is bull. But there is a phenomenon called exhaustion. I handle it by going around the block. Looking at thing, putting out attention, resorting thoughts is very powerful when it comes to exhaustion.

  • Luisa

    You right. I know what I am doing and I know where I am going. Thank you. you are the best.

  • TysonBrown1

    Man i’m so glad i found you GRANT!