In this Episode of the G & E Show Grant and Elena are live from Cancun, Mexico where Grant was doing the 10X Seminar. When two people meet they have their own ideas about life, what things will be, the question is how do two people grow and develop together?
Grant and Elena discuss the importance of different roles each person plays in their family, their business and their life. Communication is key and identification of each person’s role leads to better relationships and less confusion in life and in business. Once each person has identified their particular role it is important that the other gives them complete and executive control of that position. If these roles are not made clear confusion, arguments and discontent are sure to arise. You have to own the role that you are in and run it to your maximum potential, when this happens watch your personal relationships, business relationships and life itself grow and improve.

1. Identify Your Role
2. Own Your Role
3. Run it to your fullest Potential
4. Empower the other Person to Grow and Develop in their role

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    Please put these on a podcast!! That’s the only way I get to listen to the zone and your other content…I’m too busy hustling all day, I listen to you while I workout when I get home. Thanks

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    @Jorge Great point! It would make it a bit more accessible for cross-platforms especially.

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    I love Sabrina’s mantra, “I can do anything”!!! So awesome : )

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    I love you guys!!! this show just getting better and better

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    Thank you everyone. Also we are figuring it out for the podcast.

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    great episode, i’m getting into watching G&E show, and even a bit of women in power as this whole understanding your partner is such a massive deal.