Grant and Elena Cardone offer tips for parents interested in traveling without their children.

Grant and Elena just returned from a business trip to Russia where Grant spoke to 800 business people followed by a pleasure trip to Paris. Grant begins the show admitting that he and Elena haven’t traveled much and have spent the last decade focused on business. When Grant discovers that people who travel make more money, he decides to up his travel game. Find out what G and E learned about themselves and the people of Russia and Paris. Grant and Elena’s post trip connection leaps off the screen. You’ll get inspired to work hard so you can travel and see the world! Grant returned with an expanded view of new possibilities. Elena returned recharged and ready to handle their two little girls. G and E share the Benefits of Trippin With Your Spouse which include:

1. Get recharged
2. Get inspired
3. Bond and connect
4. Respect the life back at home

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  • My responsibility to take care of my girl…make memories of the life we want.  Stick and stay is bound to pay.
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    my fiance told me; lets remodeled the basement for her holiday winter vacation! I said to her; Babe, that’s what we been doing for the past 8 years and stuck in the house. No,this holidays i have to fly and go somewhere.this home project in the house working all the time is getting darn old.
    Thank you for bringing that point.

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    GrantCardone ElenaCardone hanknorman TerriT today show was awesome.

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    Do people who travel make more money? or is it, people who make more money travel?

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    “DavidRealtorCT: GrantCardone ElenaCardone hanknorman TerriT today show was awesome.” Thank you

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    @De Lol…good point…I think a little bit of both!

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    DavidRealtorCT I agree….Make a memory and fall in love even more this holiday season! Right on!

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  • You guys Rock!!! G&E

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    I got an idea for write offs listening to this video. Thanks Grant and Elena facebook/TheLavaLab

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    Hey Grant and Elena!  Glad you got to travel.  Love the show and the new network, keep at it as it’s inspiring for a 25 yr old single guy :D.  Btw, what if u don’t have a wife or gf to take with u?

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    yeah definitely agree on the travelling with the spouse travel to LA, Bermuda, Florida, South Africa, and Australia Ireland. you do make more money for real.  Yeah and keep it real too