This week on the G and E Show Grant and Elena Cardone talk about what happened in Brussels yesterday. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Most people do not want to confront evil. Are you preparing your family? As the provider of his household, Grant believes safety is part of providing. If you go into a movie theater, you need to notice who’s there. Where’s the exit? Be aware. Profile. People need to pull their head out of the sand. You don’t want to be in a position of regret by being unprepared. Are you willing to go to extremes? People are afraid of being labeled as racists. If you go into a business meeting without a contract, you will pay the price. You must be prepared for everything in life.

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  • Houstonian1Hustler

    Much Love from Houston, Tx. My plan is to save enough money to put down on a multi-family unit. My wife wants to open a Mechanic/Carwash business. Which Goal should we reach for first. What would be the best path? Thanks!

  • RichardHalll

    Situational awareness is key to everything!

  • Hello Grant and Elena,

       Ryan Nichols here from Wholesale Universe! First off, I just got my signed hat from last weeks Young Hustlers show, and I LOVE it!

        Secondly, I am on the phone trying to call, but I will say that you do have a video on the internet with you talking about your concealed carry. It’s after you went into the bank safety deposit box, withdrew a large sum of money in a bag, and walked out. You showed the pistol below the steering wheel really quickly LOL. All good though brother, as I too, carry. 

         As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I feel I have a duty to carry and protect those I love if harm ever comes our way! Keep on keepin on!

    Ryan Nichols
    Wholesale Universe

  • FLUSAcom

    Hard to defend yourself in the specific situation like in Brussels when someone walks up with a suitcase and blows himself up.

  • ccwholster

    Great topic!  People need to pull their heads out of the sand.  This isn’t the same country we grew up in prior to 9/11. It never will be again.  We have to face that and plan on that.

  • New Life

    Hey Grant/ Elena why don’t you get her a revolver? Much better for women, as she mentioned she doesn’t know how to use a magazine. a revolver you just point and shoot!!! It’s very easy to handle!!

  • ccwholster


  • ccwholster

    Check out FRONTSIGHT training in Pahrump Nevada – It’s worth the time and worth the money to get training.

  • New Life

    I’m glad y’all covered this, everyone is to scared to talk about it because of what other people think!! Are those people that judge you for your view on situations,  going to save you or do anything for you when a situation presents itself? Y’all rock!!

  • RichardHalll

    Great topic today!  Works well in all situations.  Terrorism is a hell of a topic to take up, but the people who perpetuate the fear do so by offering fear solutions.  Nothing wrong in offering correct solutions to extraordinary problems.

  • Ernie Velasquez

    Hey Grant & Elena so Great to see both of you together working as a Team!! Terrorism is everywhere and we have NO CONTROL over the situation since they have an Advantage on us!! Yes I am aware as ALL TIMES Uncle G!

  • disgruntledghos

    Answer me this, Everyone who watches this show are in a mall, bang something goes down. lets say two thirds of the people are caring in the mits of everything its going to be so chaotic how would you be able to tell who is the good guy and is the bad guy. You’re going to see people holding guns and start shooting.
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  • William and Astrid

    I’m sitting here in South Africa, but grew up in Belgium. My friends in Belgium are all safe and great. Some say they have never been closer to the each other and felt closer to the immigrants from Syria as today. Where terrorists wanted to create people to split up people became closer. Just to let you know.

  • Travis Schneider

    Grant always seems to get in trouble with Elena within the first 5 minutes of these shows!

  • solegiorne

    Elena, You look BEAUTIFUL. Great topic to cover, and you both should have bodyguards by the way: Precious Cargo, the four of you. In addition, Sabrina and Scarlett’s show Melted Me! My seven year old daughter is a big fan too. I hope they have a weekly segment. Thank you for helping us Parents teach our children how to be AMAZING, 10X!!

  • Morena

    Very intersting topic. So do you just avoid places with lots of ppl?

  • 10xman

    disgruntledghos  Shoot the guy coming towards you and your family with a gun