Husband and wife team Grant and Elena Cardone tackle the subject of how to balance business, marriage and family and 10X them all. Committed to their kids, their business endeavors and their marriage they share what they do to make it all work. Join them every Wednesday at 1pm EST where they live out their motto of “stick and stay it’s bound to pay.”

Today’s topic was brought by Lee Reeves from Triumph Equity Management, in Houston, Texas.

Grant and Elena are talking about raising highly successful children. They discuss traits, tactics and tips on how to make sure your children are self-confident, self-reliant and built for success.

“Do you think a child should never be disciplined?” – Grant Cardone

You must be talking about success all of the time. It has to be a part of daily life so that they don’t latch on to any kind of ‘success’ they see on television or in the news. They don’t see a kid win a gold tournament and instantly think golf is their only route to success.

Grant’s Tips:
1. Make the decision that your kids will be successful.
2. Quit worrying about everything.
3. Make success important.

Elena’s Tips:
4. Treat them with respect and dignity.
5. Make the environment safe.
6. Teach them to speak to strangers, safely.

“Never tell your kids to ‘be careful.’ Don’t make them paranoid and scared of everything.” – Elena Cardone

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    Success has “US” in [email protected]

  • Having a reward system is an excellent way to teach kids about success.  I know G & E’s kids is gonna benefit tremendously #WhateverItTakes #GEShow

  • kshawYALL

    @GrantCardone [email protected] How do you handle a partner who implements or does things while parenting that you do not approve of? Communicating does not always improve the situation.

  • Hey guys I love this show,I am a single mom and a cop so I was overprotective

  • warrencasselljr

    Did you happen to get the book I sent you at Regalia?

  • Traci Holmes

    Love this episode!

  • Grant tried to call line was busy, thanks for a great show.

  • yolandamonje

    I LOVE THAT!! include the kids, I own a real estate company and my husband a construction company and we try to include my 8 yr old son. He sees how hard we both work and I think it will help him when he gets older. My 2 year old is another story! haha

  • andrealeassear

    Grant, Elena Love the show! My husband and I talk about this all the time! I love the way you all are raising your children. Teaching them value and responsibility early.

  • leebreeves

    Thank you for taking the question and for the shout-out, G & E!  Got a few minutes in there with some great answers and really appreciate your taking the time.  You’ve got two beautiful little girls and love that you’ve thought through some of the answers for “how do I raise them to be successful, fearless, and ambitious”.  Would love to hear more about the “star” board system of trading for their possessions and wants and then them actually owning their possessions.  Also, how did you come up with their mantras and how do you use them?

  • JB11

    You guys turned down a show on ABC?  I thought you wanted to get back on a TV show?

  • I learned all about the star system and providing a safe environment through working children from PreK. ElenaCardone Grantcardone kshawYALL

  • kshawYALL

    following10 ElenaCardone Me too. I love and miss my Pre-k Students.

  • Kativy

    Love this show.. Thanks. It’s really nice to watch a show that promotes positive attitudes and marriage!

  • ClaireTHobbs

    I expected someone to ask already, what is the tip for when the kids are fighting?

    love what you are doing! Have you read any parenting books that you
    feel are worth mentioning that helped you with raising your kids? What
    gave you the idea for sending the girls to their room for having a bad

    Elena I’m with you on the plug protectors.
    Plug protectors aren’t for the kid’s fingers it’s so they don’t put
    things in the plugs (ex. keys, screw driver…).

    Keep up the good work, I love to see you on periscope and I just started WIT network. Great information and energy.

  • pegrenier400

    the topics of other shows interest me more but this is the most entertaining show you have on the netowork

  • GrantCardone

    ClaireTHobbs  This is Elena on Grant’s computer. The tricks to when kids are fighting are first and foremost make sure they have recently eaten (especially something like protein). I always check this first and rather than addressing the fight etc. I give them some sort of nutritious food this usually handles it right away. If the food is not the case, I get their attention and tell them what I love most about them. I remind them of what great friends they are and how much I love the way they look out for one another, take care of each other, share with each other etc. I will tell them fascinating stories about themselves
    of when they were little and the first time Sabrina met her sister or another story of how the teacher told me what a great sister Sabrina is by walking Scarlett to class and always giving her a kiss. This gets them focused on the good and validates that behavior. It almost always works! If it doesn’t, then I kindly will tell them to experience whatever is happening for them in their room until they are ready to be a happy member of the family.
    If they hurt each other, I will ask them “what happened” They each tell their side and then I ask them to tell each other what they didn’t like about it etc. I ask them how they are going to find a solution for this. I let them work it out between themselves. If they both did something that really upset me. I’ll tell them why and then I will have them do something special to make it up to me. They usually decide that cleaning the windows will make me happy or picking up their room. Once they have done this, I LET IT GO. I focus of future and don’t keep bringing up past or continue to be upset.
    I have learned everything I use to help me with Raising the Children for a Scientology course that is offered free online at you simply go to the free online course for raising children and I’m sure you will find it to be a helpful tool as well.

    Thankfully the kids are older now and did not stick anything in the plugs! When I had the realization that Grant was a wonderful father but horrible mother…this was one of those moments. I just had to be extra watchful with kids during those years.

    Thank you so much for writing in and for enjoying the show!!

  • GrantCardone

    @Kativy  Thank you. This is why we do it. We wanted to be a positive voice for marriages so I appreciate that you get it!!

  • GrantCardone

    JB11  This is Elena. We do want to get back on but the show was a little off purpose for what Grant is doing so we passed on this one to continue to focus on the priorities. However, if the right opportunity prevails, we will be all over it!

  • GrantCardone

    leebreeves  Thank you so much! It’s Elena here. I had a realisation one day of what it must be like to be a kid. Imagine someone always telling you what to do, when to do it, what to do with your own toys, how to treat everything, even sharing your things with others. I would HATE it if someone made me share my shoes or car with my friends. So I decided I would encourage them to share and do what is right but then let them decide what they want to do. I also decided that I can’t GIVE them a toy and then get mad at them for playing with it rough or not taking care of it the way I would. At that point, it’s not theirs, it’s still yours. It would drive me crazy to be micromanaged like that. So I thought, if they ruin their things, then at least they get to control their things. They can actually create their own effects and experience their own freedoms and independence. When they break a toy and get upset, I don’t teach them that they are bad for being irresponsible. I teach them that they can create whatever they want. If they want another one, it might cost 1 or 2 more stars than it did the first time but they ALWAYS have the opportunity to earn it back. I teach them solutions and ways to handle things rather than, you failed and now you must suffer the dreadful consequences. It is a dreadful consequence enough to have to wait and earn it back. NOTHING is just given to them and they respect themselves and take pride in themselves as a result.

    We get along much better when I have to put my foot down on something. I will tell them, I give you many freedoms but on this issue, it must be done my way and MOST of the time they will cooperate with me. I don’t treat them like a 3 and 5 year. I really try to treat them as though they get it and surprisingly more often than not, they do!

    Again, I have done many “raising children” courses in Scientology and there is a free online course at if you have an interest in learning more valuable tips.

    I really hope this helps and again thank you for questions and interest!!

    PS. Grant taught them the mantras and they use them all the time and know that they can DO anything. They learn the value of what it takes to MAKE things happen.

  • GrantCardone

    andrealeassear  Thank you

  • GrantCardone

    yolandamonje  Well keep up the good work. Being a parent is not an easy job.

  • GrantCardone

    inge bowman  Thanks for calling in. Hopefully, we can hear from you on the next show!

  • GrantCardone

    @Traci Holmes  Thanks

  • GrantCardone

    warrencasselljr  Yes Thank you!! You impress me.

  • GrantCardone

    inge bowman  This is Elena. I totally can imagine after seeing what you have to deal with. Being a mom is TOUGH job. I always say to myself when I get scared, is this something that can kill them, and if the answer is no, then I bite my lip and try to look relaxed and let them be. Again, NOT an easy task for a mom.

  • GrantCardone

    kshawYALL  When it occurred to me that fathers make HORRIBLE mothers because they just don’t seem to have that “common sense” gene that us women have–no offense guys–but they can actually offer father things like BRAVERY to the kids, I try as best as I can to stay out of it. Unless I think, what they are doing could actually endanger the child, I let Grant be a FATHER. 
    If there is something that really needs to be handled, wait until you are calm and NOT in front of the children and see how you can approach from an angle of not making him wrong but more from how can we get on same page as parents figuring things out together. It might help to not feel attacked.

  • GrantCardone

    Keith Dixon  That’s the plan. Thank you!!!!

  • GrantCardone

    following10 ElenaCardone Grantcardone kshawYALL  Awesome!

  • GrantCardone

    pegrenier400 ElenaCardone Grantcardone  Thank you for the input!

  • emilyrogerspd

    Thanks so much for another great show! Could you share more about how you used the star chart when your girls were 2-3 yrs old?

  • Jodi

    Love your love and logic with the kiddos. We do the same.  Keep on!

    BTW…just a side note: the outlet covers are so kids don’t shove objects (like thin toys, butter knives, etc…) in them. We always used them so objects don’t get broken off in them, lol!