G & E begin the show talking about how Grant is a bit stressed out because of all they have going on. He’s launching Whatever It Takes Nation Digital Network, going to Russia to present at a business summit, touring with Steve Harvey and Tony Robbins in the Act Like a Success Empowerment Tour, decorating and moving into a new home, handling the kids and family responsibilities.

They site an article from NPR on stress which lists the following as common reasons for stress: poor health, disabled, chronic illness, income under $20,000, dangerous work situation, single parenthood, parenting a teen, added responsibilities, finances and career challenges.

Grant says people must understand three things when thinking about stress:
1. Some level of stress is normal and good.
2. There’s something out of control that one needs to get a handle on.
3. Think of how to overcome or move past the obstacles.

Grant offers the analogy of a huge boulder and a smaller one. The focus when stressed must switch to going over, under or around the rock to move past the things causing the stress.

A male caller who is in business with his wife, calls into the show concerned that his wife is withdrawing from the business. Elena advises him to communicate together, go over the goals and purpose and create a plan together.

Grant sites an article from Forbes with tips on handling stress that Grant adds onto.
1. Schedule downtime Grant says add more to do and get more done.
2. Cut out things that don’t add value to your life.
3. Avoid negative people.
4. Outsource tasks.Grant agrees and encourages people to hire nanny, cleaning service, landscaper, etc.
5. Take 5 for you. Grant says take and hour or two if needed.

  • I am very stressed.

    • Grant Cardone

      check out 100WaysToStayMotivated.com

  • Cardone Media PR

    whoo hooo!! G&E live on the #WITNation This is awesome!!

  • How do you handle stress? #witnation on thegandeshow.tv

  • Shawn Phillip

    Stress can be overcome!

  • Victor Flores

    Gotta push through the stress! #witnation #geshow

    • Grant Cardone

      sometime you just have to get rid of the obstacle (person)

  • Cardone Media PR

    When I’m stressed I write a list of all I have to do and attack! No alternative!

  • Shawn Phillip


    • Grant Cardone

      true dat

  • Shawn Phillip

    The big rock might be stress, but it isn’t crushing the little rock! It’s a symbiotic relationship!

    • Grant Cardone

      its something you don’t have control over –

  • Cardone Media PR

    @elenacadone yes! write list and attack each thing at a time. Totally a 10X approach to stress Rock on Girl!

  • This is awesome!

    • Grant Cardone

      thanks stiched

  • Shawn Phillip

    I overcome stress like a sales objection

    • Grant Cardone

      oh i love that

      • Shawn Phillip

        I thought you would, sir!

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    @elenacardone aka #Elane aka #Etricks Great Show! Takes a strong woman to deal with @grantcardone 10X stress WHOA!

    • Grant Cardone

      he a beast

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    I am done with paying for cable. Between Hulu Netflix and now #WitNation I control what I want to see.

    • problem with that the cable companies own the internet. they know people are doing this and will up internet costs

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    Best hashies ever! #ETrixx #WITNation #GoAroundTheRock #SuckItStress #StressIsMyMotivator #The10XRule #GEShow #BOOM #Padow

  • Scott Mollenkopf

    First time listening. Love the show. Thanks for the positive motivation!

    • Grant Cardone

      thanks Scott

  • Hawaiiano

    I believe the rock is there cause pressure creates diamonds. With out the stress and pressure no diamonds.

    • Grant Cardone

      its an obstacle – something you don’t have enough control over —-

  • Grant Cardone

    Stress is an indication that someone is an obstacle…

  • s0ufyan16 .

    I’m stressed because I have no money -_- Tired of being poor… Bills keep coming, debt collection agencies.
    How do I start to make money from -1000?
    Started this MLM thing I invested my only € 500 Dont know if it was worth it. Anyone tips?

  • Simon

    I’m here in Taiwan but the video won’t play. I can play it through Youtube though (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79qyjG-20aU).

  • Elina

    What to do if the negative people =
    your family?

    It’s hard to go away, especially when
    you see that they need help.

    Figuratively – muy mom lives in
    countryside, alone after our father passed away. She cannot deal with
    all the household and gardening work but resists to move, although
    she sees it’ s impossible to do it alone, and complains all the time,
    making us, her children, to spend the weekends helping her. She just
    sees it as our duty. I know simply not going would solve this
    situation, but it’ s really hard, because – well, she has done a
    lot for me in the past. She is my mother after all.

  • Mohamed Ali Hijazi

    Something that I will have to deal with for rest of my life #stress. I believe that if one is in control of stress and not let stress mess with your life then everything will work out fine. Try to Keep positive

  • GrantCardone

    elina  Family does add an interesting challenge. All I can say is, if she is negative, then stay out of conversations of real importance to you. Keep it light. But whether she is aware of it or not, she has a new purpose or game now which involves her children showing they still care and have to spend time with her. As a mom, I know she did do things for you and it would be nice to repay her if you will. Maybe you can flat out ask her what is happening. What problem is she trying to solve by staying in the house? Her answer might surprise you. It’s probably a long shot, but maybe you can convince her to move and replace the “work on her house” time with taking her to lunch every Sunday. She may be willing to trade this in if it means she will still get to spend time with you.
    Good luck!
    Whatever it Takes: https://grantcardonetv.com/video/geshow/stress/#ixzz3Yi7NIrVR