Grant and Elena Cardone are committed to their kids, their business endeavors and their marriage they share what they do to make it all work. Today they speak on The State of the Union Address from last night, along with the issues of ‘free range kids.’


Surprise guest Jalal Abuimweis, the newest sales guy at the office, models!

Did you buy President Obama’s sales pitch?

• 4.6% of the working population is paid under minimum wage

No president, no politician can save your family. It’s not a bipartisan issue. You have to work yourself out of the middle class. Your family has to work together.

The government can’t give you enough money to be free financially. You have to make yourself your priority. What is The State of Your Union?

Caller from Tampa, Sonny D:

Grant and Elena get onto the topic of “free range kids” and discuss the differences in their parenting styles. Elena supports kid leashes, not allowing your children to free range, and Grant abhors leashes and supports kids being independent and learning a high level of self-confidence at a young age.

Sit down with your spouse tonight and look at The State of Your Union. Find at least one thing you can do to make it strong. Don’t depend on the government. Don’t worry about the president.

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  • Mr. Cardone rockin the grown man stubble!  Love this show, as a father and husband working toward a power couple status with my wife, I admire the value you two bring to relationships!

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    GrantCardone love the show, great insight on business and family. Doing the lords work.Tune in”

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    Nice Modeling!

  • Takman17

    Grant I did not listen to The State of The Union, because I listen to you about not watching that Crap!!! I love your guys advice about what is My State of a Union for my own family!!!!  AWESOME advice

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    CardoneMedia Make more sales by hiring a professional promoter at today!

  • robthomasjr

    witnation HELL NO. I don’t buy most politico pitches.

  • Ricky Smith

    Grant and Elena, you need to get all your shows on Sky TV so that we can slowly but surely educate the world
    Ricky Smith

  • Ed Washington

    HELL NO! With the exception of myself, the majority of the US citizens are STILL being “BAMBOOZLED” or “HOODWINKED”. WAKE-UP America!!!!

  • chris schaefer

    I am thankful you guys take the time to record the shows on wit. I watch every day. Tune on wit tune off the noon tube.

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    chris schaefer Make sure to share your favorite episodes so your friends can break away too!

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    @robthomasjr witnation Damn right!

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