In this episode of the G and E Show Grant and Elena Cardone talk about the reality of self-loathing. What do you do to handle it? Are you doing things that make you self-loathe? It could be about your body or it could be financial shame. Maybe it’s your car or your clothes you don’t feel good about. The key to remember is that it’s normal, but the important thing is not to stay there. Get busy and focus on what you excel at!

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  • wriojas1464

    Hi G & E! It doesn’t sound like her mic is working.

  • AlainStout

    Love to see you guys!
    Vote my Water Pitch if you like:

  • wriojas1464

    Hearing her better, but now not hearing Grant sounds distant. I can hear them both though.

  • WhosoeverPress

    So glad I get updates on my phone when you guys are LIVE. I forgot about today’s show. Love it!

  • AlainStout

    Just think and keep thinking positive over yourself, no matter who tries to kill that integrity, keep saying it to yourself even when it feels uncomfortable, still keep saying it, so you are what you think of yourself and overcome it all as what you have told yourself, I guess

  • the1frankland

    how do you handle yourself when you get really discourage?

  • AlainStout

    the1frankland keep believing in yourself, keep telling yourself that you can do this no matter what

  • MatthewMarch

    im going to share this with my mom

  • Clint Holmes

    Come on Uncle G. I sat on hold for 15 min. while nobody could get a word out on the telephone. I say open the show back up and call me dude. !!

  • Ernie Velasquez

    Did Uncle G NOT pay the Energy Bill$$$ Hey I can HOOK YAH up UNCLE G$$$

  • Ernie Velasquez

    1- Don’t Procrastinate on doing something (ACTION) 
    2 – HIT THE GYM and get everything OFF your mind so you can Re-Focus!
     3 – COMPLETE plenty of Goals and or Projects so you can feel those Accomplishments!!! 

    BE GREAT –

  • Sean

    Man, you guys need to up your game on the production values. It’s very difficult to watch this with the bad microphone placement, feedback and just generally poor production values. You’ve gotta pay someone who knows what they are doing.