Today on the G and E Show Grant and Elena Cardone discuss the need to keep your eyes on the future, not on the past. Grant constantly looks into the future, sees what he wants, and backs into what he has to get done right now to make that future a reality.

If you want to get more done, see the future and you’ll see what needs to be done now. Take time out of everything, act on things when they come in and do the hardest things first.

Don’t delay and procrastinate.

Meditation doesn’t produce results because it’s impossible to be in the future if you are only thinking in the present. If you lack excitement, it’s because you don’t have enough to look forward to in the future.

3 Steps to Prepare for Your Future:

1.Commit to getting more done.

2.Quit making excuses.

3.Be consistent.

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  • Hi Grant, First time here, Dean Chitren Quit Smoking Coach from Tampa

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    My own father and mother encouraged me to close my company and get a job even tho I can pay for my apartment car and living expenses it’s me against the world

  • hinc1mike I was told the same thing, that advice sucks

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    Whats up GrantCardone 
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    Whats up to the folks in the chat Keith Dixon, hinc1mike , Quit Smoking Coach Dean

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    Hi GrantCardone 

    Hello elenacardone 

    Whats up to all the people in the chat hinc1mike, Keith Dixon , Quit Smoking Coach Dean

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    “If you highly productive your probably not making excuses” – gc

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    How is everyone today?

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    Beautiful Day!

  • Only 9 minutes into the episode and so much value has dropped. My biggest takeaways as of now are:
    – Thinking into the future can provide motivation by reminding yourself of the end result
    – The best way to get more things done is to do tasks NOW instead of scheduling them for the next day.