Grant and Elena Cardone offer tips to help people get, the girl, the guy, the job, the money and other things out of life.

Grant and Elena discuss how Grant pursued her for 13 months and the steps Grant took to get Elena’s attention. They banter back and forth taking you back to the time when Grant was in hot pursuit and Elena couldn’t care less. How did Grant get the woman of his dreams? How do these tactics apply to other things in life worth chasing?

From the hot girl, the job, the big business deal Grant tells viewers to commit to going for it and then take massive action and never quit. This episode offers a candid look at Grant and Elena. Grant persisted for over a year and Elena reveals funny early observations and judgments that she had back then. In the end they are committed to one another, their daughters and their purpose. If you are trying to find a great relationship or want to light a spark to the one you’re in, tune in and learn how.

Grant’s tips for “Getting What You Want” include:
1. Get specific on what you want.
2. Make contact.
3. Develop a strategy.
4. Never quit.

  • TysArmy

    Something is up with your live feed

  • kshawYALL

    Love this G&E Show!!! GrantCardone  &  ElenaCardone 

  • SallyWise

    I’m not dropping the restraining order no matter how successful the cardone stalking was…

  • Shawn Bauer

    Great point @16:09!!!!!!!!!!! So true, but not for me! Thanks G&E

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  • Monaica Ledell

    Love it! You guys are hilarious/badass/so cute

  • Shawn Bauer

    Hilarious! Great story!!! So GRATEFUL for the day I met my wife. Cheers

  • TysArmy

    why are you guys pitching youtube instead of witnation? #attentiontodetail

  • Alberto Flores

    Nice way to tie persistency follow up, and success!!!! Fight for it….Love it.

  • Chad Pittenger

    Great Show!!!   It’s all about going after The One I want and not giving up until I get her.  It’s all about follow up and persistancy.  Appreciate you both Grant & Elena!

  • I made the decision to go Monogamous with my GF the day before she went to Europe for a month!  I emailed everyday without fail and she fell in love with me via email.  We’re still together 3 years later and better than ever.  Persistence.

  • SheriSuccess

    Call in now to speak to GrantCardone & ElenaCardone  on !! 305 865 8668

  • SallyWise   I would not encourage you to drop your restraining order either. There is a fine line between stalking and persistence. Stalking does not feel good and is highly uncomfortable. I had a guy persist in calling me after I told him not to call me. He wasn’t disrespectful in calling at all. He continued to ask for a date after I said no 4-times …. he persisted and eventually I went on a lunch date and found him charming enough that I went on other dates and we began to have fun. Unfortunately, our time was extremely short because he passed away.