Husband and wife team Grant and Elena Cardone ask the uncomfortable questions and face the touch to talk about topics that mass media won’t discuss. Committed to their kids, their business endeavors and their marriage, they focus on 10Xing them all. Join them every Wednesday at 1pm EST where they live out their motto of “stick and stay it’s bound to pay.”

The things your parents have taught you that are now affecting your marriage, your business, your friendships, your income, and everything else in your life—they are trapping you.

Bad Parenting Tips:
• Eat everything on your plate
• Save your money
• Get a good education
• Make good grades
• Get a good job
• Play it safe
• Don’t talk to strangers
• Buy a house
• Get a retirement account
• Work hard
• Be Careful
• Don’t talk about money
• Don’t blow your own horn
• Don’t rent
• Don’t waste money
• Don’t speak unless spoken to
• Don’t talk to strangers
• Can’t sit with the grown ups
• A penny saved is a penny earned
• Mind your own business
• Mind your manners
• If you can’t afford it don’t buy it
• Fly under the radar
• Set ‘reasonable’ expectations
• Mind your own business
• You get what you pay for
• It’ll all work out
• Be patient
• Settle on your successes
• Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

Student debts have turned Millennials into careless, homeless basement-dwellers, according to a recent article…

“What kind of guidance did your parents give you that became useless as you aged?” – GC

Your parents were operating on a fear level for survival. They are teaching you things that were relevant for their lives, in their time, and it’s not applicable to the world you live in. You need to decide what’s best for you. Reevaluate the lessons you’ve been taught to see if they are still relevant.

Don’t talk to strangers. If you’re not talking to strangers, you aren’t going any place in your life. You aren’t going to venture out into the world. Opportunity doesn’t just knock once.

You can’t have your cake and eat it to. Why the hell do you have cake then?

“If you could get 9 millionaires to be your friend, you’ll be number 10.”

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  • Daniel Hackney

    Don’t let me get in my ZONE!

  • ElizabethCuevas

    don’t talk to strangers (and don’t gossip)..which is good to ask questions..don’t listen to other conversations…and don’t interrupt /contradict when i talk to others even if i’m lying…

  • All I keep hearing is “you don’t do this, you don’t do that”
    “you need to go to school to get a good job”
    “Save all your money”
    Its like pushing advice down our throats that they themselves don’t follow…
    Just my current situation thats all GrantCardone 

  • ElizabethCuevas

    don’t go out without sweeter you going to get sick…(cold weather) when i always like winter and enjoy the cold,,,

    Don’t play in the playground you are going to fall down…

  • shadyrudy

    That check is a thing of beauty!

  • teamhatfield8

    GC, wrong hole HAHAHAHAHH Dude your FUNNY!

  • BennyK23

    First time watching the G&E show. Frequent Cardone Zone and Young Hustler watcher. I like the show so far. Can’t get through to the phone line though!

  • CardoneMedia

    BennyK23 Keep calling in!

  • Love the show, learn something all the time.

  • joelbuhr

    trying to call but not ringing

  • peteoros

    *** Team Cardone all the way!!! *** Click Here!

  • teamhatfield8

    GC, I must say sex balances my DYNAMIC relationship with my wife of 18 years and, 6 children later! I love it

  • shadyrudy That check was huge, had me thinking “damn I got to set bigger goals”

  • witnation

    Check out for staying fit over 40!

  • Be great because nothing else pays. – GrantCardone

  • witnation

    joelbuhr Joel, make sure to get in next week before the show is over! Call in as soon as you can to make sure you get on the list.

  • joelbuhr

    ElenaCardone GrantCardone #geshow Reason why marriage fail is not money. 
    1. Commitment
    2. Communication
    3. Teamwork
    4. Repeating the above

  • joelbuhr

    witnation You bet, was multitasking. Was a great show.

  • joelbuhr ElenaCardone GrantCardone pretty sure money was the issue with my mom last marriage man. She was bringing in all the income while he brought well nothing for 8 years…

  • Coffee Black

    @grantcardone and @elenacarone you guys are killing it once again. My old man is a physician, I have two brothers that have masters degrees, and I always get crap for not getting an MBA. I’m the youngest of 3 boys and I make more than both of them combined. And I always hear complaints from them about money. I got a bachelors degree and I am fine with it. I am making money, killing it because I hustle and close. I live by that. That’s it. My income depends on my work and not a boss. Schooling is great for a lot of people, but I am always being told I need to go back to school. That is one thing my old man and I do not agree with. I don’t need an MBA to be a millionaire. I need to hustle and close

  • joelbuhr

    IsaiahJackson joelbuhr ElenaCardone GrantCardone So what you are saying is HE didn’t commit to teamwork. Just because I bring in the bulk of the money for my family, I can tell you this. My lovely wife is committed to teamwork and that just helps us provide better for my family. Both of our commission  is not the money, it is the family we are building. Using the money well requires both of us working in the right direction. We can do more with the money earned because we are working as a team. Both my wife and I have our own companies independent of each other. Both are being successful because we are at it as a team. 

    #begreat and be great together is my point.

  • joelbuhr

    correction. Not my family… “OUR FAMILY”

  • joelbuhr IsaiahJackson ElenaCardone GrantCardone You are right man.

  • Trey

    Grant, I’ve gotta say that the reason I love your material is on account of how open and candid you are about everything. I can’t tell you how tired I am of seeing “success coaches” and “advisors” that are so secretive about the kind of money they can generate/earn from tackling the marketplace. I have a feeling that most of those coaches are broke, or have what my man G calls “little bitch money!” That check you posted on instagram is a wake up call to say hey, get off the couch and go produce massive SOLUTIONS and ACTION within your industry. I too, one day, will have a check in my hands for $20,000,000 like my man Grant posted on Instagram except mine is gonna have a few more zeros on it! Haha but keep up the good work G, loving this content you’re bringing us. Pictures like that check you posted are an indication that the money is out there – you just gotta go grab it!

  • Zachary Ford

    If I didn’t talk to strangers I would never of found the best mentor of my life. If I listened to my parents I would still be in the same full 38 hr week job. Great show folks. 
    You can’t know a good pay check with out having a bad one and and you don’t know a good book if you haven’t read a bad book. Parents trying to shield me from the bad which conditions me not appreciate and recognize the good.

  • marcell hanson

    Zachary Ford Well said Mr Ford. 


  • I was told to continue with college and get a bachelors degree at home. Take out a student loan and think that the government is going to forgive it if you don’t have money to pay for it. I have talked to people online that have their lives ruined and it is over for them because of those student loans that they can even pay off. I didn’t listen to the people at home and did things that I know what was best for me because the only one that cares is myself. GrantCardone ElenaCardone

  • JerryAdan_89

    GrantCardone Hey what song where you listening in the car in the commercial break, it sounds great !!! I really enjoyed that commercial break was really nice, you and your wife transmit a positive energy, thankyou for that, you are my inspiration and biggest mentor

  • @[email protected] stupid idea of being relatable is full of (blank) …..Elena and Grant don’t need to relate to the ordinary and the average….We need to rise to relate to these two…great topic ….need bigger list of deleting hogwash taught to us from birth.