On this episode of “The G & E Show” Grant and Elena react to last night’s Democratic presidential debate.

Hear what Grant says are the biggest lies that politicians are trying to feed us, what was talked about most and what was not discussed enough.

According to Grant, the Democrats and Republicans can’t fix your situation—only you can. Hear more about his stance with this, what people can do to rise above and more! Also, why college may not be the answer for everyone is something Grant and Elena have strong opinions about.

Let us know what you think.

As mentioned, you can join Grant and Elena this Saturday, October 17th in Miami for the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure. More information here: http://www.komenmiaftl.org/

Also, Grant mentioned his ebook and webcast: “How to Make Millions in Business” which is available here:


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  • Warren Cassell Jr

    “If you believe anyone, other than yourself, is going to save your ass, you’re an ass!” – Grant Cardone. Best quote I’ve heard from you this year.

  • What up GC & Elena…ALL POLITICIANS SUCK!!!  #GCTV #GEShow

  • cashflow_queen

    Politrics….nothing more than a distraction for the masses. The only party that will save you is the one staring back at you in the mirror. #MM #AverageWontDo

  • cashflow_queen I learn more from Millionaires & Billionaires than I do those idiots.  That’s what I’m chasing…let’s get it

  • cashflow_queen

    College..one of the 3 biggest scams ever perpetrated on the American people..right along with Social Security and the 401k/Keogh/SEP scams.

  • Grant Cardone 2020! Run for prez and save the free world!

  • cashflow_queen

    Keith Dixon Absolutely baby. Follow the money. Put your head down, work your ass off and get paid!

  • Warren Cassell Jr Love that, have to share!

  • cashflow_queen College is really for the Corporate Slave, not the bosses

  • Keith Dixon cashflow_queen I have to disagree. There are some pros and cons to college. Ultimately knowing that I wanted to be an entrepreneur college was not totally “necessary” for what I am doing now. However, I believe that college is great for learning independence and responsibility in early adulthood. Even though I am not using my degree anymore as an entrepreneur, I would not trade my college experience for anything even with the overpriced cost.

  • Yes Elena! The President is just the face, not the decision maker!

  • MissCFO Keith Dixon cashflow_queen If they’re not teaching wealth, than it is a waste of time

  • BeckyFarias

    I learned more by following GC in the last 4 months than what i learned in college in 2 yrs!!!! GC please open a LIFE UNIVERSITY!!!!

  • BeckyFarias

    ooohhh and BTW, by changing my thinking i know i will become a millionaire. it is not a matter of if, just a matter of when.

  • Powerful Couple. Grant you Should Run for President. I will vote for you…

  • Yes Elena! When I first quit my job to start my business I was a bartender for awhile and I hid it for a long time from friends and family. I was embarrassed about going from a high paying job, but after I got over that real quick as none of them were paying my bills so there thoughts became a thing of the past.

  • BeckyFarias

    you need a new dentist Grant… your dentist sucks… weren’t you just there!!!

  • cashflow_queen

    luv you guys back…let’s help people get financially free…Yes I did sign up for it GC

  • robbglow

    Michael Bonnett is gonna have to change his name to captain save a ho. haha. yes. Get me 5K by the end of the month! lol

  • Powerful. Grant Run for President. Elena you are a Powerful woman.

  • BeckyFarias

    bill clinton

  • cashflow_queen

    I tried to sign up for the Komen walk but could not find the “women in power” group. Can you guys put exact directions somewhere online so we can sign up. I’d love to meet you all down in Miami for this cause.

  • This is a Powerful show. Grant and Elena are True Business leaders for the world. Grant your Powerful Blueprints Landed me to connect with Steve Forbes Steve is coming on My show on 12-15-15 at 3:00pm eastern time. Grant and Elena keep doing what you love to do.

  • hinc1mike

    Omg I shouldn’t of laughed but I cracked up when you said you found the tooth in poor Elaina why you say that man ????? Hahahaha

  • Chandra Marsden

    To G & E: I stumbled upon this website a couple weeks ago, subsequent to making some major positive changes in my life personally, financially and spiritually. Just WOW. Thank you so much for helping people get into present time and think on their future!

  • cashflow_queen

    arthur robinson jr where can we find your show Arthur? Tweet me please cashflow_queen

  • cashflow_queen

    MissCFO I see your point. You got something out of it from a social standpoint however the numbers in this country speak for themselves. Over 99% of college grads are not in their field of study, that’s even if they have a job. I dropped out sophomore year because my professors were broke and miserable and I wanted to get rich…then I went on to write a book about it. Bottom line is college was not for me and I don’t think any entrepreneur for that matter! What I do within my business can’t be taught at a traditional university because it would be counter productive to the whole college-corp scheme 😉 Keep grinding sis!

  • Grant and Elena I wanted to let you Know that I love your Show.

    Grant take Action and Run for President.

    Your Powerful Blueprints that you showed me Grant is Remarkable.

    I connected and had a Brain storm Meeting with The $ 500 Million dollar man the Owner of the Forbes Magazine international speaker best selling Author 

    Steve Forbes ….

    Steve will be coming on My show on 12-15-15 at 11:00am eastern time.

    We are going to have a Conversation about How Money works in this Economy and we are going to talk about his Powerful book Successonomics.

    I want to thank you Grant and I appreciate you Grant and Elena for everything that you do.

    Elena Cardone  you are a outside of the Box Thinker and I Really do Appreciate you coming on My show.

    I will keep Building Relationships with Millionaires Because Entrepreneurs are the ones that will take over the World.

  • hinc1mike

    Unckle G, listen man I love your work your changing my life but when I’m trien to listen and take this content in, I get distracted because you don’t let Elena talk and make sounds etc haha it’s funny but it’s life and death out here and I wanna break free and hit success, so it would be cool if you let one person talk at a time