On today’s episode Grant asks if marriage is enough? He suggests that couples need more to aim for, something they can work on together to serve others. Grant explains how for him business is easier than marriage because there is a clear purpose (goals, barriers, targets). He believes marriage is more nebulous. It’s clear in the beginning (get married, create a home, have children) but then what? Grant asks Elena if she had the choice to either be a famous A-List actress/celebrity, or be married to Grant which would she choose.

A heated, passionate discussion ensues and the question “love or money” makes for a very interesting and hilarious show. Can you guess what Grant and Elena chose? What would you choose?

  • Just being married is not enough. I was married twice and was just married because there no love, relationship building, or working towards a goal. There needs to be more than marriage and sex.

  • She’ll take the A-Lister because she turned you down 9-times before she said yes…..

  • Grant takes the 1Billion – because the women will flock to him ….

  • chris schaefer

    Have you ever consider 10x apperal? I would love a hoodie.