When it comes to success, Grant and Elena are the ultimate achievers. Whether it is their thriving businesses, marriage or family- they know how to have it all and manage these worlds that often collide.

In today’s episode, Grant and Elena discuss how well one truly knows their partner and how to have the tough conversations. Join the ultimate power couple as they debate everything from background checks to privacy issues. Plus, Grant urges all couples to take the Cardone Confront Challenge. Learn what this entails and why it may be uncomfortable, but important.

In addition, Grant confronts an Internet impersonator and reveals an important gift the Pope gave President Obama during his trip to the United States of America. Finally, hear what the Bible, Koran and The 10X Rule have in common.

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Husband and wife team Grant and Elena Cardone tackle the subject of how to balance business, marriage and family and 10X them all. Committed to their kids, their business endeavors and their marriage they share what they do to make it all work. Join them every Wednesday at 12 pm EST where they live out their motto of “stick and stay it’s bound to pay.”

  • TaraBufoDrewes

    So messed up!!

  • Atanas Vasilev

    TaraBufoDrewes what? lol

  • TaraBufoDrewes

    The guy pretending to be Grant on FB


    ouch! I came across one more guy!!!! JC! I would pay attention Grant 😉

  • William and Astrid

    PLEASE Run for President! Elena will make the best first lady! And the USA needs a salesman right now!

  • beeznutzstl

    [email protected]@GrantCardone  

    We got both BeezNutz, and my lady tuning in to Uncle G and the First lady.

  • FoxyRox

    Tuning in from that Show Me State!