[Previously Aired on September 20th, 2014] Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone talk about how to keep excitement in their marriage and in their careers. The Cardones talk about how to have it all in their marriage and career. Life is difficult and there are no manuals for marriage, sales and career.

    How to keep your marriage exciting, interesting so that you never burnout or lose interest. Life, business and marriage are difficult and come with no instructions. Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone know how difficult life, career and marriage can be. Doing it all and keeping it interesting is a challenge.

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  • BradyHalbasch

    Cleared out my schedule for October 3rd, 2013 baby! GC – you got a time machine button on that jet stream??

  • vaughn_witn

    BradyHalbasch Haha. You’re right. This was a previously aired episode, but oh the possibilities…

  • Alex Grebe

    Previously Aired in 2015? haha interesting. Great Video though!