G & E start off the show talking about their move to their new home, the design costs and costs of furnishings. Grant explains he needed to make cuts and the thinking process he and Elena needed to go through to make the cuts. Grant explains that there are times more often than not where cuts need to be made. There are things that aren’t truly needed or even necessary. These extras can cut into your family bottom line, weigh upon you and hold you back. So what happens when one person is emotionally attached to something and the other person is insisting cuts must be made?

Elena explains that it is so easy to get caught up in the romance and the dream. The idea of the perfect house, the perfect wedding, etc. can lead to getting all caught up in the emotional side. This is when you need to really take a step back evaluate and decide what is truly necessary and what isn’t.

Grant and Elena offer these three steps for Making The Cut
1. Identify what you absolutely must have.
2. Use logic not emotion.
3. Cut out the rest.

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    Grant, Your 1 Crazy SumB&tch, that I relate with so damm much!!!    You help this crazy cajun man accept himself more and more everyday, watching another out of the Box Cajun do what you do with no fear of acceptance of others is awesome!   Love the Banter and differences,  Opposites do attract after 2 ex’s  I accept that!   The key is to find your opposite who can Understand it and accept your differences…and NEVER ATTEMPT to bring to other up or down to your frequency!!!!    ying & yang baby!!!

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