Women don’t want rich guys, women want guys that are rich. Rich in ethics, integrity, ability, and authenticity. Real women want men—not punks. They want someone monogamous and someone who listens. For a man to be a man, you need to know what she needs. The list includes, but isn’t limited to, being…

1. Valued
2. Included
3. Respected
4. Protected

Don’t forget about being spontaneous and offer good sex. Don’t cheat, don’t be a man who falls continually short of goals, and certainly don’t be a man who visits porn sites. Be drug-free, don’t abuse alcohol, be ethically ambitious…that’s what women want.

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  • Neil Guarniere

    Not everyone is monogamous. Doesn’t make a man any less of a man or ethical

    • G. Raffel

      Suggestion. How about you asking your woman or women what she or they think. …

      • Neil Guarniere

        I have. We’re openly married. She and I both love being openly married and know plenty of other successful people who are openly married or in open relationships. As monogamy is NOT the only way!

        • Heather LaValle Tumbleson

          I don’t even know how people have time for that. Even just from a wellness/hygiene perspective it’s just…yuck. We run businesses and a family/household. We are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle that includes plenty of sleep, exercise and nutrition. I can’t even imagine making time to have sex with someone else and all the drama that goes along with that kind of relationship. That is just so unappealing to me. If my husband had time to mess around I would feel like he is a slacker and taking resources/energy and time away from me and our family and vice versa. The only person worthy of intimacy from me is my Husband. Maybe if you don’t have 5 kids who play sports, you have more free time but I don’t remember what that is like so I guess I can’t relate to your situation. Maybe if more time was spent on your business you’d be even more successful than you already are. I don’t know. Grant, what do you have to say about that?

  • Aurorah

    Love this! Please keep winning Grant!

  • G. Raffel

    Couldn’t agree more.

  • Heather LaValle Tumbleson

    My husband gets every door, stays on the traffic side of the sidewalk when we walk together, he doesn’t walk in front of me or complain when I can’t walk fast in 4″ heals. He is respectful to everyone, not just me. He puts me first always. I don’t carry a purse and don’t like having a lot of things but he knows that quality time and physical attention is really important to me. We always strive to make our life great as a team. I have noticed that my boys (9,11, 18) have been influenced and are the same way. They are popular in school and we always get compliments on them. The 11 and 18 year old have had girl friends and they have always been high quality nice girls. Consequently our two girls who are 14 and 20 have the bar set so high, neither one of them has had a boyfriend.

  • Katie Haggard

    Love y’all so much! I am single entrepreneur, and looking for all of the same things in a MAN!
    Hope you do St Bart’s every year, because I want to go SO bad!! Maybe next year!