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How clear is the visualization of your future?

Show up and act right. Be positive. Be motivated. Be bold. Leave your problems outside. Don’t bring them into your business.

Four Things for your visualization:
1. Commit to the Visual, don’t get hung up on the problems
2. Need to reinforce it daily, write it down twice a day
3. The lottery game
4. Make a dream board where you use photos to visualize this future

Watch or listen to the entire episode to learn all of the insights from this massively successful duo.

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  • Show up the GC way #GCTV #GEShow

  • Yall are rocking that new studio something major!  Looking great here!

  • I like Vision/Dream Boards…it keeps me fired up #GCTV #GEShow

  • My main items on my vision board is: 

    1.  BM Global (my brand) w/ 9-figure revenue
    2.  Great love life
    3.  Brain activating at super-fast speeds

  • brendenvalks

    Thank you again Mr. and Mrs. Cardone, I appreciate you taking my call this afternoon. I am from Canada not Kansas. Although I do love Kansas. The side hustle I was talking about is boothandvanguard.com a consultancy to help businesses get their digital communication right. It’s all because I have started writing my goals twice a day I have been able to forge ahead with clarity.

  • John Faluba

    G&E, Thank you both very much for taking my call today. I will keep tearing it up and keeping my eyes on the prize. You guys are awesome, thank you for all the motivation.

  • I already have 2 of your motivational programs! GrantCardone ElenaCardone

  • I want to thank both of you for taking the time out of your busy lives to speak to people like me.  I purchased your 10X book and CD’s. A few weeks ago. ( I purchased a second one by mistake and instead of sending it back to you, I gave it to an amazing woman friend I have that sells Mary Kay.) My problem is I forgot how to dream. I have a problem staying Focus.  I know what to do but doing it and putting it into Action another challenge.. I would appreciate any Advice. Thanks Vinny

  • zekepayne

    @ElenaCardone was dropping knowledge today! Good work!

  • ChrisTheCeo

    Diggin the show, more women should think like Elena!

  • elenacardone

    vbarone Advice–write down a list and start knocking out one thing at a time. Don’t care about your felling whether you want to or not or think you are focused or not etc. Put yourself on a timeline and start completing actions. This will strengthen your HUSTLE MUSCLE. Soon you will just operate in ACTION mode.Let me know how it goes.

  • elenacardone

    Get FREED Your framed artwork is the only piece hanging in the studio room!

  • elenacardone

    brendenvalks awesome

  • elenacardone

    Keith Dixon i support that!

  • elenacardone

    John Faluba you got it

  • elenacardone

    zekepayne You know I loving hearing that! Thank you

  • elenacardone Get FREED That is awesome and I am honored to see this! Wow!

  • gasp

    You two are the best!!  could you please tell what is the name of the book Grant read when he was 25?

  • Thank you

  • dbhustler

    What was the book Grant mentioned at 31:13?