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What’s the plan when you two blow up at each other? You can argue, just don’t keep arguing. Don’t stay in the past. “You said,” is friggin’ stupid.

Callers share their worst arguments and how they handled them.

Do you have new problems or old problems? Are you having the same arguments over and over? When there is no game to play you pick your spouse as an opponent. You need to go to your spouse and admit to them you’ve been using them for target practice to keep your wit fresh.

Make a list of your recurring arguments.

How to Handle Your Arguments:
1. Make a list of all reoccurring arguments
2. Decide on the solution
3. Learn to master the art of arguing

At 6:05 tonight, find something to argue about with your significant other. See how much energy it takes to put into that. You’ll never forget it.

Watch the full episode or listen to the podcast to get all of the insights from Grant and Elena on how to stop arguing and build your success as a couple.

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  • MarisaV

    I want to build a relationship like that !!!!

  • VijayGupta1

    its always great to grab ur stuff…thnx grant

  • Desmondschinkel

    I love the fact that you both take the responsibility for all results, and be in control of what your creating in your marriage! 
    It is insane how simple but yet overlooked these tips are and how powerful it is. Formula’s like these can really boost the confidence in each other to handle any situation in the future. The idea we have about time really shapes your thinking and actions constructively or destructively. Thanks guys for another great episode!