Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone offer tips for couples trying to handle the collision between business and marriage. Grant and Elena begin the show in a tiff. They had a disagreement and were trying to work it out for days. Elena mentions how she slept in the guest bedroom because she was mad. The purpose of today’s episode is to help couples navigate disagreements and come to a solution. It is common for couples to feel challenged when trying to handle demands of children, family and the business obligations. These challenges lead to stress and this lights the match setting a firestorm. If couples are too focused on being right as opposed to reaching understandings tensions rise. Grant offers excellent relationship tips.

How To Resolve Conflict

1. Handle yourself, not the other person.
2. Use direct, face-to-face communication.
3. Find agreements not fault.
4. Ask what is needed from you.

Grant explains that although difficult both people must put ego aside and seek solutions and not just to be right. Elena adds that couples must focus on being on the same page about the future they want together. She reminds viewers that anger requires negative energy and both agree people must apply a “Whatever It Takes” ethic to the relationship. Tune in and watch how G & E smooth over their tiff by putting these steps into play.

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    Hello everyone, great topic today

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    GrantCardone ElenaCardone is it weird that Bull and I rarely argue? His bro thinks it’s weird since his wife always rides his ass

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    GrantCardone ElenaCardone While heterosexual, married couples must follow “A happy wife is a happy life,” thank the Lord I’m single.

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    GrantCardone ElenaCardone argue for solutions and you’ll argue lessU0001f52eU0001f52e

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    GrantCardoneTV GrantCardone ElenaCardone Divorce rates are down to 20% after this show…

  • Great tips! Thanks for putting up this topic. I’m sure this will also help all the couples out there that are already on the fence to having a marriage counseling (because this show helped me 🙂 )