Husband and wife team Grant and Elena Cardone tackle the subject of how to balance business, marriage and family and 10X them all. Committed to their kids, their business endeavors and their marriage they share what they do to make it all work. Join them every Wednesday at 12 pm EST where they live out their motto of “stick and stay it’s bound to pay.”

This week on the G and E Show Grant and Elena Cardone talk about being RICH. We are entering a major recession and you can and should make more money. You need to be on one page with your family—the money page. You need to go to work to prosper. Getting rich is the first thing, then you can have choices. Your kids will never get a world experience if you can’t afford to travel. Getting rich is for choices. Getting rich is not against the law. Originally rich meant powerful.

Rich is not having to depend on one flow of income. You are constantly worried about that one stream. You need to add supplemental income and parallel flows so you have multiple flows of income. Have you made the millionaire decision? Get connected with Grant every day until you are rich. Grant just put out a new product called Playbook toi Millions which is literally going to teach you how to become a millionaire. You are the things you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with Grant this summer and get rich so you’ll have choices in life. Go now to

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  • hinc1mike

    Why is there a G&E Show on Wednesdays and every time I log in their not doing a show maybe say not every Wednesday G&E Show say based on our busy schedule well go live #annoying #positivefeedback

  • iamjoshcordes

    hinc1mike  It’s live right now

  • CorrieElieff

    Money = freedom

  • hinc1mike

    Whoops my bad lmao I got my content now need my G&E fix

  • CorrieElieff

    lol.   I love how it’s titled “Handling Jealousy” and we’re talking about business and wealth! ahhaa, How many conversation threads did you two digress away from the original subject?

  • GC really pushing today…thanx Elena #GEShow

  • hinc1mike

    Snapchat is worth BILLIONS that’s crazy I wish I invented that idea or wear a Chubacca mask laugh in faces and go viral like that women did lol

  • BlessingsWide

    R.I.C.H (receiving income Consistently& honestly)

  • Michael Spike

    At what age is it too late to create true wealth?