In this edition of the G and E Show Grant and Elena Cardone discuss how to build trust.

How did Grant and Elena get to where they are today? They’ve built trust. How can you fast track trust?

1.Decide that you are going to back your partner and make it known. There are people around you in your sphere of influence that should not be able to speak negatively about your partner. Don’t let someone drop doubt in your universe.

2.Keep and deliver your agreements. Can you break an agreement? Yes, but go to the person and get a new agreement. Don’t be one foot in and one foot out the door.

3.Keep the PR (reputation) of your partner good. Don’t jab at them in a dinner party and say you are just joking, and don’t go to friends and family and complain about your partner to them. It requires restraint.

Grant says TRUST yourself, and then be there for us, not just you. Elena had trouble leaving LA because of trust. Trust yourself enough to understand that you can be wrong. Don’t trust your spouse first. Trust you. That means you need to be reliable , good, honest, and ethical.

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  • Every tip..seriously every tip are sooo true. Been with my wife for 9 years but in the first year of our marriage. #2 actually would have actually gotten me out of an argument lol.

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