In this episode of The G and E Show Grant and Elena Cardone talk about how to be yourself.

Who teaches you that? Is there a how to be yourself class?

Answer yourself these questions:

1) What is your brand?

2) Have you decided what your brand is?

3) How do you dress?

People try and fit in, or they become the rebel in order to not fit in. Neither are you.

You need to consider what you value. Have those values been influenced by others? How do you know if you are being you? All this and more in today’s episode of G and E!

  • Tristan

    What happens when being yourself is self destructive? The only thing that doesn’t change is change, so is there a time when you need to change yourself?

  • GrantCardone

    @Tristan that is why you should do the drill i gave you today = its a great question

  • ReneeBevry

    GrantCardone ElenaCardone AdrianChase_ loved today’s showU0001f52eas a psychic it’s taken much focus to be brave and be my true selfU0001f52e

  • ChiwuzieSunday

    At 33:00 you hit the nail right on the head: “Just be yourself” is one of the worst freaking advice I’ve ever heard in my life. Sometimes being yourself isn’t enough, you need to ADD or SUBTRACT, basically ADJUST, to be the person you want to be to get to where you want to go.

  • ReneeBevry

    GrantCardone ElenaCardone U0001f52egreat show it wasU0001f52eI needed to be reminded that I’m amazing just the way I am as an eccentric psychic.

  • GrantCardone

    I appreciate your comments on How to Be Yourself

  • GrantCardone

    ReneeBevry GrantCardone ElenaCardone  you are so awesome thanks for commenting

  • GrantCardone

    ChiwuzieSunday  Thanks for you comments on our show How to Be Yourself

  • Honest1yfe

    GrantCardone yessss

  • ReneeBevry

    GrantCardoneTV GrantCardone ElenaCardone U0001f52eloved this show

  • SalesJovanBanks

    GrantCardone thanks G&E for making this show. I was the second to last to call and it help me tremendously. Thanks for everything you do!

  • GeorgeGrant

    Great presentation and with LOT of valuable info! Golden nuggets are spread all over there! Worth taking plenty of notes and contemplating on them later. Thank you Mr and Ms Cardone!!!

  • ReneeBevry

    GrantCardone ATLcomputerdude U0001f52eI’m “A Great,” so I always wear my psychic costume!

  • I loved this – very helpful! Grant you are amazing. And, Elena I love who you are and what you try, and do, represent! I hope to get to meet you one day 🙂

  • elora

    Thanks Elena! Best topic ever, It really made a huge difference hearing it from a business successful man.

  • Prana Sivakumar

    Kinda surprised you guys didn’t do a segment on valentines day and the amount of people breaking the bank on this..

  • Prana Sivakumar

    Nonetheless, amazing show!
    IG @S2Prana

  • solegiorne

    You two are hilarious, smart, Brilliant with your show! And so easy on the eyes 🙂