Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone talk about whether to send their kids to private, public or home shooling? We need advice please place your comments here as to how you think it is best to school your kids

  • Simon Zammit

    I’m no expert on home schooling but going to school for me was, in the main, a waste of time. I learned a lot more outside of school. There are a lot of great people who were home schooled. For example, one of world’s greatest inventors, Thomas Edison, was home schooled. Here is some info on home schooled students and how they perform against students who are schooled: “According to the, many studies have found out that homeschooled students on average outperform their peers on standardized tests. Another study from the National Home Education Research in 2003 also found that homeschooled graduates are active and involved in their communities, are more involved in civic affairs, and more are “very happy” with life, compared to the general US population.”  Source:

  • helenprana

    I just saw this show.

    Of course I would say home schooling, as I am home schooling my kids .  I finished high school and some college credits….waste of time (mostly)

    The whole time I thought I was supposed to get a diploma (which meant status) so someone would give me a job ……and my community wouldn’t see me as a failure! Neither my parents, nor the people on the community have the inkling that their kids should create jobs!

    I’m from Turkey, an American citizen now (in Turkey there’s serious competition for college education, you must have it but you can’t have it situation ).

    If I were you, I would hire someone to teach your two girls. They learn easy. I have 3 boys! : )  (6,4 and 1). As long as you can get them going out regularly to play with other kids, go places etc. you are set. Studies don’t have to be strict  (my experience),  and can be spaced out , they still learn. I don’t see my oldest forgetting what he learned, usually not a problem. But sometimes he goes “mom, I don’t care about that” ….the kid gets the opportunity not to be lectured about something that he doesn’t care about. Isn’t that awesome!!

    Like Grant said schools are baby sitting places. Totally agree.

    I gave birth to the 3 of them, who else is a better candidate to babysit….me.