On this edition of the G and E Show Grant and Elena Cardone discuss hitting targets as a family. How do you stay excited? Most people have targets that are too small. If you came up short in May and want to have a monster June, set massive targets. Does your family even have a target? Get on the same page, set a target, and set a completion date. This sets you on purpose. It bonds the family as a team. If you operate without targets, you’ll end up in trouble. The bigger targets you’ll have the better off you’ll be. Make sure you have a minimum of three things:

1.A Target
2.Target insistence
3.Target reinforcement

Look to slaughter your June targets. Hitting targets gives you a sense of accomplishment. The accomplishment of the target should always lead to expansion and even bigger targets.

  • Danny LHeureux


    I am in IT Sales in Edmonton,  Alberta; My target for May was 1.4 M, I hit 45%.  There is a recession here in Alberta from falliung Oil prices…. and my numbers in my opinion are too high.

    My July Target will most likely be around $1.4M ; how to I achieve this?

    Do I set my own target at for $2.8M and try and fill my Pipeline accordingly?

    Danny L

  • beeznutzstl

    Hello Elena, Hi Grant

  • hinc1mike

    Please bless me with tips to stay motivated, to get on the phone and make dials when it’s hard to

  • beeznutzstl

    hinc1mike Family, goals, and MONEY.

  • Are religious/scientific beliefs a precondition for good marriage? Is Elena a Scientologist as well? (I can’t relate women who are bible thumpers because they think wanting abundance is greedy.)

  • the1frankland

    how do you get your spouse obsess with wealth creation

  • hinc1mike

    I wanna have the motovation to make the cold calls but my phone feels heavy plus I’m a business owner and the only employee

  • hinc1mike

    What just happened on the phone was amazing just now

  • beeznutzstl

    hinc1mike ” It’s bound to pay if you stick, and stay ” – Uncle GrantCardone

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  • This was the best one yet that I have watched! Loved it! Great takeaways….It’s June baby…!