Today in the G and E Show Grant and Elena Cardone discuss haters.
All successful people have haters. Haters aren’t talking to you. They are hating on themselves. They are self-centered creatures. Make haters your motivators. People tell Grant he shows his plane off too much. They are saying more about themselves than they are about Grant. If people say Grant sucks or that he’s a con-artist on social media Grant usually just ignores it. He doesn’t need to say anything. More often than not Grant’s supporters will defend him. Realize that haters don’t have any self-worth—they hate themselves. They’ve given up on having a plane so they hate on Grant for having one.

1. Don’t worry about haters
2. The more success the more hate
3. They are cancerous

If half the planet hates you—you could be president of the NWO.

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  • StevenMerlino

    Lunch break with education 🙂

  • StevenMerlino

    Already sent in my pitch!!

  • GC & First lady Elena…WHAT A SIGHT to see #GCTV #GEShow

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    Uncle G and First Lady Elena!!

  • brettjcoffey

    Live on the edge – the bigger you get the more you are exposed to haters – periscope is a great example – they hide behind a false profile – like a felt pen on a bathroom wall – it’s not about you – its about they can’t match your success.

  • brettjcoffey

    Sent in my pitch!

  • GrantCardone ElenaCardone every 1000 fans you will have 1 hater, totally worth it. you guys #rock this show and pls never stop what ur doing.

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    Grant let Elena talk its the G&E show. Love you guys and all Grants material!

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    First Time watching the show live

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    I get so much hate because I promote and post so much about you and E its crazy – “what am I trying to do get etc… so I post more lets really blow it up!!!

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    I have a question for you guys? How would you sell the glass of water ?

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    Same here, just watched grant some days ago and i like the way he is xD

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    Haters = Advertising for free

  • Tony Airiainen

    Ive been in love with your material for years G. One and only hate from me: If you were born in IRAQ, would you want yourself to support Military idealogy? Why do you do it for US. Families and kids dont benefit from it. Still, you give so much that I cant thank enough.

  • SoleilJaan

    LumbardoGha exactly

  • WilliamBillyAshurst

    I see haters as a sign of success! the more they freak out the better i must be doing!

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    GrantCardone ElenaCardone here we go guys … Ready ? HATERS GUNNA HATE AINTERS GUNNA AINT

  • Powerful Show. Grant and Elena Cardone are Outside of the Box Leaders. Elena Cardone and Mr. Grant Cardone Middle names should be Called Wealth.

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    GrantCardone ElenaCardone They hate us cause they aight anus!

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    GrantCardoneTV ElenaCardone GrantCardone they hate us cuz they ain’t us baby

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    GrantCardoneTV GrantCardone ElenaCardone great show

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    GrantCardoneTV ElenaCardone GrantCardone you laugh at them

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    GrantCardoneTV ElenaCardone GrantCardone they can hate on this all day. Cant stop the 10X in me

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    Guys, the audio feedback is really intolerable. Get some headphones for the studio staff and earpieces for G&E. A hot studio monitor with feedback is freakin’ amateur hour.