Grant and Elena Cardone discuss how they handle stress on the G and E Show. What happens when your business and marriage collide? How can you handle your stress?

1.Don’t Keep up with the Jones’—stop comparing yourself with others around you. There will always be someone better off and worse off than you. Just worry about living up to your own potential.
2.Make a list—What matters and what doesn’t matter? Is it just a dirty fridge or is it actually something life changing? Focus on the big things and don’t stress the small things.
3.Never put adult problems in front of kids—No matter your stress, don’t put it all out in front of everyone.
4.Respect yourself—Do things that can help you unwind and respect yourself enough to do the little things that help you out. Go work out, get fresh air, eat some ice cream.
5.Find out what’s important—While you can’t neglect the small stuff, always keep things in perspective.

Life can be stressful and you don’t want to get overwhelmed. If you are overwhelmed it’s a sign you may not know what you are doing. Practice makes perfect—the more you do something the more comfortable it will be for you.

  • drewflow123

    GrantCardone ElenaCardone I’m watching the top 7 sale secrets now , it’s amazing so far , so glad I found about you grant.

  • How do I find you on Facebook where I can watch from there?  I love the behind the scene when I watch from facebook.

  • hinc1mike

    I’m 33 now and at the stage of enjoying sampling the ladies 😉 and being lonely and wanting a loyal girlfriend I’ll be faithful to.

  • I love that – stress happens no matter where you are in life.

  • LingoCoachBen

    G, Let her speak

  • SWATkins

    Grant, I live close to my old neighborhood – that I fought and scratched to get out of – So when stress mounts I take a ride to show myself where I came from and it makes all issues so insignificant when you put things into perspective  you can calm and center yourself … then grab a nice cigar, a cold beer, relax and refine your thoughts.

    MOST issues are not worth stressing yourself out over.  The old saying – Hardwork Never killed anyone, but stress will!

  • AskCoachRay

    Amazing! Exceptionally inyelligent. I would support her talknshow. Much love:).

  • SWATkins YES. I’ve done this. I’ve even shown my children. It gave them a new perspective.

  • SWATkins

    TheRobinBull SWATkins Definitely does!  They have a new respect of their reality and the family as a whole.

  • hinc1mike

    Any tips on how to keep making phone calls (cold calling ) when you can’t pick up the phone and have no desire to make the calls ?

  • StevenMerlino

    hinc1mike Do you still have arms? You can pick up the phone. No desire? You need to get clear on your goals. Your goals will push you to making calls and closing the deals!

  • kozidoesit

    I see Grant mentioned that he already gave out the additional hour for those who purchased How to make a million webinar. I don’t see it in my email. How can I access this?

  • bodyrock1183

    GrantCardoneTV ElenaCardone GrantCardone TY both very much. I’m a single father of 8yr old daughter 100% of my life so I feel the stress.