Grant and Elena Cardone discuss the importance of certainty and confidence and how to build certainty. Grant and Elena begin the show discussing medical marijuana. Grant believes weed makes you slow, weak and uncertain in the marketplace. There are many things that cause us to be uncertain and lose confidence. Our confidence and certainty must be preserved and invested into like a bank. According to grant confidence is the key to getting what you want in life. Grant and Elena discuss times of uncertainty and how to become certain, not be careful but instead alert and aware. Grant commends Elena for always supporting him when he is certain he must handle a business opportunity. Elena reveals she is at times uncertain about having the tough talk and avoids confrontation, something common. When it comes to building certainty Grant offers these tips:

How to Build Certainty:
1. Write goals down.
2. Pack a full daily schedule.
3. Avoid anything that may impair judgment making you uncertain.

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    outstanding show.

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