Grant and Elena Cardone offer tips on the colliding worlds of love and business. In this episode Grant is obsessed with Hillary Clinton’s statement that corporations and businesses don’t create jobs. He took offense to it and uses it to discuss what to do when you mess up and want to get back on track. As in any relationship business or personal there are times where a person messes up. Grant and Elena share several tips to help people get back on track including…

How to Get Back On Track:
1. Decide to make up.
2. Own your mistake.
3. Ask how best to make good.
4. Deliver the goods.
5. Learn how to argue well.
6. Keep thoughts on your purpose and future.
7. Avoid things that damage the relationship.

Elena offers great advice to a caller who asks how best to deal with past hurts. G & E take a caller from Mumbai India who is a huge fan with a tip for Grant and the power couple reveal how they texted their way to understanding.

Tune in to this and every episode of the G&E Show for advice for strengthening your relationships.

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    When in an argument, I just agree. After which, i give my viewpoint.
    This way, you dont disagree and still get your own way!
    … Im sure that was your tip, G&E?
    Watching in the UK, you rock G&E.. love the books!

  • Thank you Elena for having Grant do this Webinar

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    It will save my marriage,so it is kinda important

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