If you are talking with your spouse about stopping all spending, you’ve got a money problem. Too many people are struggling with money, but it may not even be their fault. It’s financial illiteracy. Maybe it’s the system, people being held down. We want to bring you out of misinformation and get you on the right track financially. If you’re having money problems, it’s not because you’re spending too much. You have an income problem. You are not making enough money. Don’t argue with your spouse about spending, argue about the fact you don’t make enough. Identify the problem. You are not making enough money!

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  • Amara kaira

    Lmfao not having sex till he makes 150k omg funniest shit ever…

    • Mike Carey

      It, whatever is proposed, comes from the well, I need to punish myself to be disciplined. That is not real motivation. Jesus forgave and freed the sinner. Get on with creating life—love in its many different avenues.