Secret spending among spouses is something that all couples are guilty of at one time or another. In fact, a recent study by suggests that one-in-five adults has concealed a purchase of $500 or more from a significant other. So why do so many spouses cheat when it comes to money?

Grant and Elena take on this issue of financial infidelity and discuss what it means to them and how they handle this as a married couple.

Grant also reveals these two ways he defines financial infidelity and explains why he classifies these as violations:

  • Not knowing what you have
  • Not making enough

Tell us what you think. Do you keep finances hidden from you spouse?

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  • Yay!!!  G & E is gonna make my day as usual #GCTV #GEShow

  • hinc1mike

    I’m a big fan of sex and I’m 32 so at this point I want to grow my company and date and have sex with women.

  • Coffee Black

    Does Warren Buffet’s wife know of all his accounts? Probably not, but he has taken care of her and given her everything with whatever what she needs. Right? I don’t see a problem with it unless you are actually “hiding” like spending money.

  • OMG I JUST had this convo with my husband!!! U both rock!!! We both are so different I avoid it to avoid argument!

  • Same here… I have no clue… Ughhh!

  • svinsonhaler

    Great conversation, my girlfriend Jody and I talk about this a lot.

  • My issue is, why the woman always have to sacrifice first…it’s 2015 and it’s still being done, weird….

  • GrantCardone

    svinsonhaler  great job

  • GrantCardone

    Mandy Gartrell  at least you can admit it

  • BrandonHeggemeier

    I love the shows. I’m trying to get all my co-workers and bosses hip to you Uncle G! I work at Gateway Buick GMC in Hazelwood, MO. We sell on an average 150 cars a month. Our goal is to hit 200 a month but come up short. I believe in your product that it could get us 400 cars a month! Any suggestions?

  • GrantCardone Mandy Gartrell Thanks and that’s me – do not want to argue. AND we just followed YOUR advice and now int the top 10%!!!!! Still we are stressed

  • svinsonhaler

    You have to know your numbers and the two of you put a plan together to manage your money.

  • GrantCardone Mandy Gartrell We’re at 200K or so — and yet we still do not want to talk about budget. I’m VERY frugal – he isn’t and yet he handles bills so I don’t want to “nag!” LOL

  • SheriSuccess

    This gives the term can I have your digits a whole new meaning! Not talking bout your cell #, give me your credit score!  #g&Eshow

  • Coffee Black

    Is it bad to have your spouse on an allowance? Is that offensive? I mean you are trying to be reasonable so that him/her does not spend a ton of money. I am always confused on that subject. You get paid, pay the rent, pay bills, and then each of you guys want to spend.

  • svinsonhaler

    SheriSuccess  I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked about my credit score with dates.

  • EliasGeroge

    Some people are just out of control. Grant write a book about this topic!

  • I have my finances down to a science.  My wife and I know exactly what we spend.  We are kind of obsessed about it

  • EliasGeroge

    I missed 46 million by one number 🙁 The real estate I could leverage with that boo hoo

  • Muhammad Waqas Manzoor

    A big businessman in Pakistan asked a question on TV, “Who tells the truth to his wife??” 😛 

    My seniors say, “Dude, you don’t have to tell everything to your wife. Just listen to her.” 🙂

  • @ryanS When are you doing your own show, product or book on that? Seriously? ~ M

  • Muhammad Waqas Manzoor

    I am single but once I get married, I now want to become a husband like you Uncle G 🙂

  • I do want to thank you GC – since I started being part of your community and learning from you… Even though we avoid the $$ conversation. WE increased our income by 80% in less than 60 days.

  • brettjcoffey

    I stay on top on mine and Meg’s finances everyday – Meg doesn’t and not because I keep it from her she just doesn’t go there – we have a budget – we have a goal and that is something she learned today she needs to know so we can both 10X it all!

  • LOL 🙂

  • When one makes more than the other — but the other brings non-$$ assets to the family, how do you manage that so it’s still equitable?

  • siconimagesatelier

    afternoon guys! watching you again! you are doing such a great job! love listening to you! control = income !!!! simaen skolfield photographer and grammy awarded sound engineer from the uk london and liverpool…..etc etc lol

    Ml, Simaen

  • We live off of 30% of our net incomes and save the rest

  • Whats up Grant and Elena!

  • my husband will not talk about money idk why
    he makes 6 figures but its crazy he does not want to talk about it

  • Mandy Gartrell U got a FB page?

  • Warren Cassell Jr
  • Keith Dixon Mandy Gartrell FB …/ & [email protected]

  • Mandy Gartrell Keith Dixon Thanx Mandy, I’ll hit ya up

  • Coffee Black

    amillionairemom I don’t want to get in your personal life, but that could lead to possible major problems. You’re his wife and you should be able to have a conversation without any issues. It can be a touchy subject, but it only works if both of you are on board with your money situation. Hopefully he will come around!

  • Coffee Black

    EliasGeorge GrantCardone Great idea! you should write one GC! Listening to Suzy Orman and Dave Ramsey talk about it isn’t my cup of tea. They don’t get through like you would.

  • Muhammad Waqas Manzoor

    amillionairemom It’s quite common. Most men are apprehensive to discuss their finances / income with their wives.

  • sidH89


  • All accounts that are not directly related to business, should be above board and an open book to both partners. Little double standard going on there. 😉 (with love…lol ) Of course you don’t want to strangle the situation. Wow, major topic here. 

    If the business accounts are being used by both partners, then it is the responsibility of each person to be abreast of the ongoings of the accounts. lol
    My biggest finicial infidelity was when dong a project, I did not check the account daily. When I went to close a deal, and it was 70k short and my partner showed me all the receipts, ahhh… major infidelity on my part because I was not checking on them like a should.
    Sure I can blame my partner for spending it and not giving me a daily update, or even not being forth coming with how much was actually there. Bottom line, I lost responsibility to thousands of dollars that set me back almost ten years in pursuit of my goals. lol

  • @Bob Reynolds The statement about not making enough, that hit home. Let’s do something about that!