Marriage is tough, but you have to stay with it. You have to know how to get through the problems, the situations and the challenges. We were asked to bring a variation of The G&E Show to WIOD. A couple weeks ago they said they want Grant on a business show in the morning, but not Elena. Grant was faced with telling her that WIOD didn’t want her. She handled it extremely well.

Handling Losses:
1. Confront the worst part.
2. Feel what you feel.
3. Stay focused on the future.
4. Enjoy the life you have while you have it.

“How many losses do you think you’re going to have in your marriage, your career and your lifetime?” – Grant Cardone

Minimize the losses. Focus on the gains.

Elena notes to Grant that, “It’s not me versus you. When you win, I win. When I win, you win.” Have you had the conversation with your spouse, your parents, your friends and discuss how to prepare and handle losses?

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    grantCardone  ElenaCardone  hello hello from Paris , hope you are fine !! I’m ready to listen the show 🙂

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  • GrantCardone ElenaCardone You two are a example of perseverance.  Keep going #WIT #GEShow

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  • RichardHalll

    Hmmm learn everything I can about the loss, take responsibility for my role in it, and then just concentrate on success.  I think the more I learn about life the easier it is to deal with the upsets that sometimes come up.

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    Love you two, hope my wife and I get the opportunity to work together like you guys, love your chemistry

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    Farmboy worked out!!! What a guy!!

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    This should be on TV, so I can finally use my TV.

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    GrantCardone hey Grant, since I listen to you and read your book my life changed. I’m better in sales, more open mind constantly triyng to do more and be moreefficient, and my bank account start to smile 🙂 . THANK YOU

  • Wow thats deep, letting your mom have choices all the way to the end. Losses are going to come, best be prepared to handle them and not let them handle you.

  • Congrats on the book deal G! You deserve it man! #10X

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    RazFromParis GrantCardone Congrats on your success!

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    The reason lots of people loves you!!!

  • GrantCardoneElenaCardone  you two are amazing! Love the show, love the episode. Keep inspiring and changing couples for the better.

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    Gill Cad Thanks Gill for Watching GEShow

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    @JeremyClay says “Wow thats deep, letting your mom have choices all the way to the end. Losses are going to come, best be prepared to handle them and not let them handle you.” Whatever it Takes:

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    Wow!!! You always hit it right on the head. Great show. Peace from Cancun

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    GC and the Big E – one of the best G&E shows evah!!!  Thanks for dropping the sick wisdom!

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    Keep your TR’s in GrantCardone. C’mon MAAAAN!

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    Super impressive and motivating…..Well done!!!

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    My favorite of all shows so far!!  You guys rock and are so inspiring! Keeping things real and in perspective!   Thank you!!

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    Wow Great Episode love you Guys

  • Laurie J

    I think that women are used to be in the supportive role. I think if the roles were reversed Grant may have taken it a little harder. Men are more competitive.

  • Dream Builder Pro

    You guys are awesome. I can’t believe how in comm you both are and really able to share your inspiration.

    My wife and I did a seminar in Taiwan a few years back and it just went so well. But we haven’t done any more since. I am now inspired to take this up again and share what we are doing and winning with others just as you both do.

    Thanks for a smile on a Sunday night.

    Mike King.