Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone discuss matters affecting marriage and family. In today’s episode Grant and Elena weigh in on college and ask is it worth it? Although their girls are young, Grant says he’s only paying if they go to Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stamford, or Princeton so they can connect with blue blood. They speak to Emma Johnson who recently wrote an article for Forbes magazine on the subject of the value of college. Emma questions the return on the investment and doesn’t feel the debt matches the earning potential. Post college jobs aren’t guaranteed. Emma explains if a person has drive and hustle they’ll thrive with or without college.

Grant and Elena share starling statistics about college costs, completion rates with Grant thinking college is the next bubble to burst. He explains he won’t invest in real estate in college towns because he feels people will stop going to college.

Is College Worth It?
1. Only go to top schools to connect to influential people.
2. Consider the trap of loans and debt.
3. Know what you want to do. It may not require college.
4. Consider apprenticeships where you work for someone in Power to learn.
5. Consider a trade school.

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    “Education System” is ridiculous ! Just to finish high school, kids are in classrooms for about 16,632 hrs!!! Did you hear this? 16 thousand.                                                 At the end of high school, definitely their self-esteem is lower than when they first started school, now they gotta either get a job (competition, trying to be approved by business owners) or get into FURTHER education. Go to school , get a diploma and get a job (be dependent on existing business owners).
    The whole high school “education” probably can be given to kids in about 200-300 hrs.  I home school and teach my kids at home, in a fraction of the time, their knowledge is equal or better than the schooled kids. 

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  • Great show Elena and Grant, We are living in the Information age, where info is cheap! My family wants me to prep my 5 year old to get ready for College and I tell all of them to kick rocks..  I’m already teaching my little one how to have a positive mindset and how to be a problem solver. Love the show, I wish your family great success with WIT Network!!!! .. Marcos Orozco 🙂

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