Husband and wife team Grant and Elena Cardone have a saying, “stick and stay, it’s bound to pay.” And this episode is all about the topic of marriage, commitment and cheating.

Have you cheated? Have you been cheated on?

Do you think it’s funny or improper to test your friends and their faithfulness to each other?

A ‘friend’ leaves a love note for Elena to call his number, but it turns out to be his wife’s number, as it’s a prank. Grant posts the guy’s number and picture on his Twitter and Facebook and the Cardone Army assaulted the ‘joker’ with calls and texts. Then in response the couple plays a prank on Grant to ‘test him’.

Elena had no fear of Grant entertaining a fling with another woman, so she didn’t even recognize the malicious intent behind what they did.

Grant takeaway: “Trust is one of the most valued commodities in our society.”

Your friends should be lifting you up, not setting you up for failure.

  • fuelfitlife

    Beyond disrespectful to mess with anyone in a thriving relationship, ESPECIALLY your ‘friends.’ I’m too busy keeping my other half happy to bother with anyone else’s business. That’s not a game or a prank. That’s just a punk move.

  • GrantWise

    Too far. G is right.

  • GrantWise

    Grant does by definition mean greatness.. of course their throwing themselves at you, G.

  • Takman17

    You guys Rock!!! Great Show…I have had good friends take it to far,and tried to ask my Smoking Hot wife out, Say No to Pranks….
    Donovan’s + Golf
    And oh ya GC you need a Motor Home form you Boy @ Holland RV

  • Cash10X

    100% Correct Grant!! You need new friends. Never ever allow anyone to play jokes/games with your family.  It’s not funny at all. Men are men and that could have ruined a family. Don’t get mad at Elana, she’s the best!!

  • Cash10X

    100% Correct Grant!! You need new friends. Never ever allow anyone to play jokes/games with the family.  It’s not funny at all. Men are men, add some wine and that type of game playing could have ruined a family and business.

    The media, tv/movies/internet destroys enough families. Don’t need people you know playing mind games too.

    Is this the overweight (fat guy) you hang out with? Consciously or subconsciously he’s jealous of you both.  

    I’m a few blocks away, you can call me if you and Elana want to grab an early bite. We go home early too. 

    You two are the best!

  • Gibby

    The true test is how you respond. Identification of toxic people is a gift.My Dad said to me when I was a kid. You will be lucky if you can find 5 true friends in life (same as fingers on your hand) Bottom line never mess around with people in committed relationships..they are off limits.Your family is what motivates you to move in life..don’t f*%! with family!

  • following10

    Elena has a sense of humor! I like that! 🙂

  • Grant, it really makes me wonder what the motivation for pulling this “prank” on you was. Seems like there is some deep rooted envy in the air. Not cool at all! I side with you on this one G. 

    Happy Holidays to you both!

  • pauledwil

    Not cool, it seems a lot of effort was made especially for the second prank.

  • Anti social personalities disguised as friends …be wary