In this edition of the G and E Show Grant and Elena Cardone talk about burnout. Why do people burnout? You can get burned out in your job or in a relationship.

Sit down with a piece of paper and take an inventory of your life. What is your purpose? The “burnout” starts because you become no longer obsessed with fulfilling your monster purpose. You need something new.

Even if you are winning, you need to focus on your purpose. Don’t seek validation from others, self-nourish yourself. If people are telling you that you will burn out, that you need to take a vacation, that you work too much—don’t listen. Only you know what your purpose is and how much energy you truly have.

Never measure your workload based on what average people do. Once you reaffirm your purpose, you immediately feel rejuvenated and excited.

You are not a candle!

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  • watan kadian

    hello dear Grant i am a big fan of yours and have been learning a lot from you ..kind of obsessed with you.
    I am from India and want to to work with you 

    Watan Kadian

  • amagees2

    Thanks for sharing with us

  • Aunt Elena is my First Lady!  This message about burnout is awesome.

  • amagees2

    You are so right about not everyone wanting help.I can say watching you all last year helped me alot .

  • watan kadian

    great show great content….

  • Julie McLelland

    Very interesting. I wish I could’ve called in today. I’m a stay at home to 3 kids under 5. So as a mom it can be very hard not to burn out and be in a bad mood if I’m not diligently working on self-care or self-nourishment as Elena was saying. Great show today.

  • RuiMarques

    Elena is rocking the show dropping BOMBs and giving GEMs!!!