Brian Williams, a trusted source, ruined a 20-year brand, his legacy, and has been suspended from NBC.

Grant commends NBC for taking a stand in this situation and acknowledging that Mr. Williams was wrong and inappropriate. Elena says shame on NBC for not having those around Brian Williams, who she feels knew the truth, come to light as well. There was a team with him, he wasn’t by himself in the field, and they must have known the “facts” were inaccurate.

What would you do with your spouse if you found out they were lying in public?

People need to look at their relationships and their brand as a couple. Your brand needs to be consistent; this builds trust. And you can find out who your friends are based on how they approach you, what they invite you to do, where they invite you to go, and how they act around you.

Your Brand as a Couple:
1. Do people even know who you are?
2. What do people know you for?

“Brangelina” is a brand, as a couple. People see them as a unit, not separate, but a team.

Elena is known as being beautiful, friendly, a lover of people, a people-pleaser, and people trust it. Grant is known as a highly motivated worker, a cusser, a business guru and a social networking monster—and people trust and expect that.

Spousal Correction: Do you address disagreements in public or behind the scenes?

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  • Takman17

    I Love this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elena absolutely looks like Angelina Jolie! This is an awesome show the wife and I were just speaking about this over the weekend!

  • GrantCardone

    Takman17 thank you for watching

  • Laurie

    The issue is if your partner is wrong do you say something publically? Or do you stand behind them out in public and duke it out behind the scenes?

  • JD

    Hello Grant and Elena! I wonder if you could give some advice to me and my girlfriend. We are both college students and were part of a group that recently came into some financial trouble due to some issues that originated due to honest mistakes as both President and Vice-President of the group. How can we still keep our brand strong even as we admit our mistakes and continue to move forward in an effort to better the group?

  • okdixon31

    BOSS Cardone dropping dimes with his lady

  • elenacardone

    @JD I don’t know the whole story but believe full discloser is best and be understanding if some react shocked or upset. Figure out a solution and take actions that will resolve the issue and make that know to all parties involved. When people see your honest effort to correct and honest mistake, people will be more likely to forgive you and give you the most important opportunity which is to EARN back the trust.
    Getting through this could actually make the brand stronger once people KNOW your true intentions (which are good) and then value your integrity to always do the right thing.

  • elenacardone

    @Laurie Always DUKE BEHIND THE SCENES!

  • elenacardone

    Get FREED Thank you so much! I also received the Elsa and Anna art today and was blown away! You are sooooo very talented!

  • elenacardone

    GrantCardone Takman17 We love you!

  • elenacardone Thank you!!! This means so much coming from you!!!

  • GrantCardone

    @JD apologize and move on….


    love it 🙂

  • Mildred Wilson

    Great Program :-))

  • Coffee Black

    Awesome show! I am never disappointed with you two. You guys bring it every single time. Keep it up