Husband and wife team Grant and Elena Cardone tackle the subject of how to balance business, marriage and family and 10X them all. Committed to their kids, their business endeavors and their marriage they share what they do to make it all work. Join them every Wednesday at 1pm EST where they live out their motto of “stick and stay it’s bound to pay.”


Today the topic is parenting, and we all know everyone has issues with their kids. Parenting is THE hardest thing Grant has undertaken, even compared to his million-dollar business ventures.

How do you address the topic of Santa? They asked their kids: Do we want to believe in Santa this year? So that the kids were empowered to make the decision, but knew that it was a choice, and not a fantastic lie.

They also decided to put their marriage as the main priority, even above their children. Their relationship existed before the children and will have to exist after the children move out.

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1. Have a conversation with your spouse TODAY that you and your relationship are first, even before the kids.
2. All children are different and require unique parenting styles.
3. Someone has to be in charge, and do the family members know?
4. Be on the same page.
5. Don’t argue in front of the kids.

Comment below:
• Do you love one of your children more than the other?
• Do your children love one parent more than the other?

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  • Happy Wife Happy Life! Boss or Bitch, She’s awesome!

  • Takman17

    It is a must to be on the same page!! Trust me after 18 years of doing it “my way or the Highway” doesn’t work @ all……I mean come on, did we get married to be one, or come together as One Powerful couple!!!  and Grant I am re-committing today to put Are Relationship First, I have a 17 year old BOY/MAN!!! and a Princess that is 14 so I got my work cut out for me!!!! Love you guys

  • 10X365X7

    Great show guys! Grant, I love the way you let #HottieEleana take over the show today!!!! She’s the real deal! You had made a comment that “the listeners don’t want to hear about your kids” in this episode and I totally disagree! It’s really nice to hear how an amazing and powerful couple handle situations their kids put them in and what the result of that was! You two are great, thanks for sharing today! My favorite G&E show so far!

  • Great topic today. Truly love the point about
    “Your marriage coming before your children”.  I cant remember
    the last time we had a date night…! Its tough with a 3 year old boy, who likes
    to stay up with the wife and I.
    In fact,
    when I hug up on my lady, my baby getsmad and pushes me away.He’s very
    territorial and although we have a “Pop N Son” (his words) relationship, we
    also tend to get along like brothers.Right now, we’re at odds with bedtime.He pretty much runs the house… 
    The kid def loves his mother.I pick him up from daycare and he runs to me
    saying “Mommmyyyy!!”.Being a parent is
    definitely a tough gig!

  • GrantCardone

    Get FREED wow thank for watching great comments about kids and marriage

  • GrantCardone

    10X365X7 you are awesome thanks for watching Bitch or [email protected]://

  • jcast0723

    Love the show Grant & Elena; you guys are Truly in sync. You continue to remind us the importance Balancing everything together. Thanks for the insights

  • Fabrysilvia

    This is such an important show. So many entrepreneurs get so busy with their business they end up getting out of touch with their spouses and kids. here is a great quote that sums it all up: David O. McKay: “No Other Success Can Compensate for Failure in the Home”

  • Fabrysilvia

    We have 4 kids ( ages 7,10,12,14) and they are all different. By Homeschooling our kids we get to spend more time with them and help them discover and develop their talents.

  • Very good advise on marriage first. Loved it,and want to see the next one.You guys rock!